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hd_worldcup: Tarot Prompt - The Hierophant

"Upright: The need to follow tradition, ceremony or a path of ideas and beliefs, even if they are outdated. This card can represent any structured group with rules and assigned roles. It could be interpreted as a need for group/mentored learning or the need to conform or change the rules.

The Hierophant also represents an interest in spiritual matters, or a spiritual mentor – a medium to a higher plane. It speaks of laying the foundation for a belief system and drawing comfort and security from one’s roots. It also represents humilities, kindness, goodness, forgiveness and companionship.

Reversed - It can represent a lack of conviction and inactivity. Being captive to your own ideas. Feeling constricted by the attitudes of society as a whole. Pressure to live up to the expectations of others.

Stuck in tradition. Unable to change with times. Foolish exercise of generosity. Overkindness. Repeated errors. Impotence. Frailty. Renunciation. Rigid thinking with no room for growth. Withholding or distorting information to retain power. Intolerance. Propaganda. Mistaken moral superiority as a justification for the persecution of others. Obtaining obedience through fear rather than trust. Inherited prejudices. Gullibility." - bewitchingways.com

The One with the Blind Dates
Toast for Two -- Team Fanon
Harry employs the services of a wizarding!dating agency of sorts. Overall this was a short and pleasant read :)

The thing with Harry in this fic is that while he hasn't been able to keep any boyfriends for long, he can't find someone who he's willing to truly accept. So here comes the Hierophant, an original character named Peter - he's a matchmaker with the second sight to see auras. He seems to represent the counselor and mystic qualities of the tarot card.

Draco in the meantime has been trying to ask Harry out, usually at the office - and with no success since he can't seem to say the words. So we have Harry who is rather dense and closed off and Draco who is afraid of rejection - both of whom definitely need help.

Harry's blind dates were...unique XD I liked Peter, even when he kicked Harry out - he was a benign influence and definitely the upright interpretation of the card. And it was all worth it 'cause thanks to him, Harry finally saw past those blinkers and focused on Draco for once. So...\o/

The One With The Swingers Club
Breaking all the Rules -- Team Epilogue
Once again Team Epilogue surprised me by being the first group to bring in the Crack - and they still managed to bring the smut too.

Firstly: this fic broke my brain. Not only do we have the most painfully dry monologues of law and legal procedures and parliamentary things which I don't know the terminology for (wouldn't you know it, but Draco's a lawyer!) but we also have a swingers club that rivals the escapades of the Belle de Jour in porny details and escapades.

For some reason my mind jumps to Frasier when I think of those monologues and meetings through the fic. Draco with his rules and regulations and procedures that no one else could possibly enjoy...but you take a sadistic sort of pleasure in watching him torture people for hours on end with meetings and bureaucratic red tape.

Yes, this fic is evil.

Now you'd think a place to fuck with no attachments would be heaven - but the last year has been torture for Harry - ever since Draco walked into the Southwark Swingers Club...

...and never is this more obvious as when Harry is just moments away from fucking Draco into the floor and Ginny tells him they have to leave. I was in throes of laughter and pain (my sides were hurting from the laughter)....Harry must have had such a case of blue balls.

And yet, through all the casual smut and mind numbing speeches (which was torture for both Harry AND me) the author still managed to draw me in on an emotional level.
The H/D relationship goes beyond the sex and not only did the author manage to fully embrace the Hierophant tarot prompt but I also got my OTP.

Long and meaty, this fic has enough words to drown you - but oh my god, what a way to go *__* Its a fic in a class of it's own.

One thing to note though: Umbridge. I whimpered with Harry and was so glad this fic was NOT a movie - otherwise that election scene would have scarred me for life >__>

The One With Teddy as Draco's Heir
Best Interests -- Team EWE
I had a difficult time believing that Andromeda and Harry wouldn't have taken the time to legally cement Harry's connection with Teddy as his god father. If this were just after the war, I'd understand - but the fic takes place years later. Perhaps its supposed to be a reference to the prompt? Inactivity? I do hope that's the case.

Harry didn't feel quite like a father figure in this fic but more like an uncle or an older cousin in a way...I guess it's because he hasn't really matured much over the years - he hasn't focussed on improving his job, he doesn't have much money and he's kinda just...slumped. Draco meanwhile, is a successful barrister and his lot in life has definitely improved. It's almost a reversal of fortune and a different take on H/D

The fic had a definite fanon feel...my mind couldn't quite embrace the characterizations. The Malfoys felt a little too nice and Teddy could have had a bit more development I think. The one who stole the show IMO was Susan Bones (kudos to the author for not just writing in an original character) - I loved her characterization and I still can't figure out if she was looking out for Harry's best interests or just her own. She fully represented the Hierophant.

The One With The Pyramid
Time For Later -- Team Canon
This fic felt like one of those romance films where one or both characters have kids and it's as much about connecting with the kids as it is about the characters getting together.

Harry goes on a trip abroad with Al to visit Bill (and Draco and Scorpius). Egypt as the setting for the fic was lovely - it reminded me that fics don't have to be AUs to feel like you're stepping into a whole new world. I kinda wish there had been more focus on the location and the customs of the people - it was an interesting premise that could have used additional exploration.

I liked the way Hary opened up to Draco and connected with Scorpius. I especially appreciated the comparisons between Scorpius and Al and you could see how Harry had come to love both for their own unique qualities.

In this fic it's Draco who needs to conquer his fears and problems and by the end of the fic he's done that. It's a lovely concept and while the author's writing style didn't quite work for me, that isn't to say it won't work for others. It's one of those fics that you need to read for yourself.

My Top Team for The Hierophant: Team Epilogue

All Tarot Prompts can be found via the fests tag.

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