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Picspam: Jeremy Dufour // Draco Malfoy

Jeremy Dufour is Draco Malfoy:

I saw this photo and my mind went "DRACO AND SCORPIUS ♥"

Which led to a picspam of all things Jeremy - 'cause my god, I look at him and I think Draco.

This one reminds me of all those fics where Draco sits in a pub, nursing a drink and just broods XD

Young!Draco who has to attend a function:

Replace that board with a broomstick and OH MY GOD, we have quidditch!Draco!!!

Smoking!Draco is always a dish *__*

He's watching Potter make a sweeping speech in Diagon Alley *nods*

Jailbait!Draco with questionable underwear:

I don't know why but I could stare at this photo all day:

You know those fics where Draco goes to a balcony during a party for a breath of fresh air? Well, switch out the clothes here and this would be him...

Depression!Draco hiding in a corner of the Manor with all the dusty old things the house elves have stored away...

Switch the gun out for a wand and we have Auror!Draco or Unspeakable!Draco

Now all we need is Harry to push him against the wall and...grind *drools*

Ah, Draco at the Manor, puzzling over a problem...

Okay, please switch out the outfit for robes. Then we might have portrait!Draco

This is another portrait!Draco, except his hand would be on Scorpius...

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I completely agree. ♥ I've always found him to be more 'my' vision of Draco than of, say, Boyd Holbrook.

He's delicious. I'm only sad that I never really got to use my draco LJ with all the icons, :)).
yay! :P

Guh! He's so very pretty! I didn't have some of those, so thanks! ♥
It's all thanks tothe forum - huge amounts of pics there.

He is incredibly yummy - of course I wish he looked a bit older now to match Epilogue!Draco but...*shrugs*
I love that you have each senario planned out for each photo. At the same time I was gigling to myself and sitting here going, "Yes, yes YES!"

Any picspams planned for models/actors as Harry?
Hahaha, thanks - my mind just jumped to scenarios when I saw 'em

I honestly have not found a model or actor that really represents harry for me yet :(
AHJSGFSFGA. I love that pic of him in the car.

I remember seeing a pic of a blonde guy in some icons where he's 'Draco' but not sure if it's the same guy or another.
It might be Boyd if its not Jeremy - Boyd's the one peeps usually link with Draco but I think Jeremy looks more canon...

YES - I keep going back to that car pic.

I agree. This is Draco. And that first one is him and Scorpius. *drools*
IMO he's Draco in his twenties when Scorpius is still a toddler - I wonder how he'd look 10 yrs older though for Epilogue fic...
Ah, Draco at the Manor, puzzling over a problem...
Oooh, that one's pretty.

But, uh, am I the only person who thinks he looks a bit too much like Macauly Culkin to be truly sexy? :D
I never really liked Boyd as Draco, but Jeremy... now he's really something. I want to smuggle him away and drool on him My mind can't help but go 'there's Draco' at every pic. He's gorgeous. XD
I adore Draco and Scorpius in the first one. It would make a perfect icon too.

Great pics. All of them are perfect Draco. And in the car. gah! Thanks for sharing.
Nobody ever looks like a character in my head. Maybe Adrien Browdy (however he's spelled) looks a bit like my Snape.

I like only the photo with the kid :(
Aww :( That's kind of the thing for Harry for me - I don't think I'll ever find a model I relate to him

Oh and you'll see the reason for the picspam in a (f-locked) post soon :)
That first picture made my heart melt.

I may actually have to go and write a fic based on it >.>

I've never been a fan of Boyd/Draco. Not sure why...but Jeremy! PERFECTION!

And the first shot with Scorpius!

And your captions to all the phtos are also perfect. I wish I was talented with photoshop. *sigh*

Thanks for sharing!
Hahaha thanks! It felt like I was trying to do a slideshow on the evidence on the DRaco-ness of each pic XD
He's a step up from Boyd bloody Holbrook, but he's not nearly ferrety enough. And he's way too pretty. Book!Draco is not especially handsome (if he were, Harry would've noticed -- he noticed Tom Riddle's hotness, ffs!). HARRY LOVES DRACO FOR MUCH MORE IMPORTANT REASONS THAN HIS LOOKS, OKAY. IT'S THE FIRST NON-SHALLOW RELATIONSHIP OF HARRY'S LIFE. :D
Oh he might be my post-series Draco but he's definitely quite fanon. I wish there were a version ten years older and more...punchable? *shrugs*

But I needed Jeremy's body and poses - well that sounds incredibly pervy but you'll see in a future post XD