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Picspam: Jeremy Dufour // Draco Malfoy

Jeremy Dufour is Draco Malfoy:

I saw this photo and my mind went "DRACO AND SCORPIUS ♥"

Which led to a picspam of all things Jeremy - 'cause my god, I look at him and I think Draco.

This one reminds me of all those fics where Draco sits in a pub, nursing a drink and just broods XD

Young!Draco who has to attend a function:

Replace that board with a broomstick and OH MY GOD, we have quidditch!Draco!!!

Smoking!Draco is always a dish *__*

He's watching Potter make a sweeping speech in Diagon Alley *nods*

Jailbait!Draco with questionable underwear:

I don't know why but I could stare at this photo all day:

You know those fics where Draco goes to a balcony during a party for a breath of fresh air? Well, switch out the clothes here and this would be him...

Depression!Draco hiding in a corner of the Manor with all the dusty old things the house elves have stored away...

Switch the gun out for a wand and we have Auror!Draco or Unspeakable!Draco

Now all we need is Harry to push him against the wall and...grind *drools*

Ah, Draco at the Manor, puzzling over a problem...

Okay, please switch out the outfit for robes. Then we might have portrait!Draco

This is another portrait!Draco, except his hand would be on Scorpius...

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