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Anime of 2007: The Good, the Meh, the Blaaaaah...

What Worked for Me
  • Ookiku Furikabutte - yes, I'm a slasher at heart so this was adorable, and fun and made me want to squish the guys - and I'm a sucker for sports!anime
  • Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge - get past the girly guys and Sunako kicks so much ass (y'know, for a girl). It's a series that actually does get better as it goes - something of a rarity IMO
  • Nodame Cantabile - I didn't expect to watch it all the way through, considering I'd already seen the j-drama (and adored it to bits). But...the show is LOVE in all its media forms *__*
  • Seirei no Moribito - surprisingly good
  • D.Gray-man - had been waiting so long for this to become an anime and just seeing Allen & Kanda made me go \o/

Only just getting interesting / Mainly Filler
  • Gundam 00 - I'm a fan of Tieria, there I said it. He's an asshat who's afraid to let people in - wait, no *wonder* I dig him. And I was slashing him and Lockon but now ;__; And IMO, no he is not female...but probably a bot? I don't mind cyborg x boy love XD
  • Gurren Lagan - it just got interesting...
  • Katei Kyoshi Hitman Reborn - I keep watching it even though it feels like a lot of filler and not much content

Dropped: Code Geass, Death Note, Romeo & Juliet, Darker than Black, Claymore, Reideen

I couldn't even get through the first episode of Death Note because I kept remembering how the manga ended ;__; And Code Geass feels like quality soap opera *sigh* I don't get the hype. The other drops I might try to continue later but for now there's no real interest...

In any case, I doubt my faves match the lists online of top anime for 2007 (like this one and this other one). But that could actually be a good thing haha XD
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I dig batshit-crazy characters. XD And why not? He may possibly be a bot but he's still got real *coughs* bits.

Too distressed to continue Death Note. I don't think I ever will watch the entire series. I did watch the ending episode but it left me wishing they should have shoot him in the head for a quick death.
You got me thinking about the slashy idea I had a while ago about people interfacing with machines...but I barely remember it so nevermind,lol. But yes, it's the bits that are important! And the bytes XD

Argh, Death Note went on for far too long. It should have ended with Light victorious and I'd have been a happy ducky. Yeah, I'm shallow that way haha
I like Code Geass, but I don't quite understand why so many people adore it. I'm one of the few people I know who watches it in spite of not liking the main character at all. ^_~

I'll be so disappointed if Tieria turns out to be a girl. If they meant to do that, they should have had him voiced by a female seiyuu from the start. The bot idea is so much more interesting to me.
I KNOW - it's like my watching Smallville week after week - the show is terrible but I just watch it for Chloe.

That probably the reason I refuse to think of girl!Tieria - the moment he opened his mouth I was like, "ok, GUY."
Ah, Geass is a current favorite of mine, simply because of the drama. Also, I really like Lelouch--simply because he's so opposite Suzaku (and Shaoran--those two are eerily similar!). Lelouch is selfish, not physically strong, but a tactical genius, and I really like the angle of him leading a rebellion simply because of purely selfish motives. And yeah, there's drama--but no more drama than in Tsubasa, really. (OMG 60 kajillion plot twists that affect main characters after more than ten volumes "getting to know" them. x.x It's also one of my favorites. XD) In Geass's case, I get over the fact that I'm not particularly a mecha fan (though I suppose I haven't really given it a fair chance), and watch it for the characters, who I love to pieces after the first season. [/tldr]
The funny thing is, I don't read/watch Tsubasa either. Neither of the shows gelled with me. If Tsubasa was focused on Fai, perhaps I'd watch it but the whole Syaoran/Sakura storyline bores me to tears.

Ah, Geass - I really tried, I watched the first 4 eps and by the end of it I was just head tilting and I did not get why people were so excited.

I'm a total mecha/shounen anime fan so I really wanted to like Geass
I've discovered that it's easy for me to get through a plot that holds very little interest for me if I love the characters. As I said, Lelouch is so delightfully... selfish, it's entertaining for me. Also, the dynamic between Suzaku and Lelouch is incredibly interesting (though the dramatic irony is held for a little too long). Also, the... utter crack of life at Ashford academy is interesting as a contrast. Mainly, I just enjoy Lelouch's interactions with the the entire main cast, so even when there is a plot twist I saw coming from a mile away, it's interesting to watch how he deals with it. ::shrugs::

May I ask how far you read/watched in Tsubasa? Shaoran, I had already liked from CCS, so watching him as a teenager was/is an interesting experience. Mainly, though, I really like the dynamic between Kurogane and Fai--how it starts, where it's based, how it shifts, etc. Fai became my favorite character in the series because of it, and it's always interesting to see what the latest events will do to it. I think, though, that a lot of Fai's attraction in the beginning (for me at least) was the mystery behind is fake smiles. It's watching how the four of them (I go back and forth on whether to count Sakura, for multiple reasons) interact that's the interesting part. XXXHolic, as well, actually--I started reading Holic because of Tsubasa, but I really, really liked the interaction between Watanuki and Doumeki (I ♥ Doumeki. A lot). Watching Watanuki grow and change, and watching Doumeki in the background, is a lot of why I read it. Also, it's interesting how and where the two mostly-independent storylines interconnect.

::looks up at that comment:: Forgive the spammage mostly centered on series that don't interest you.
I'm the same with the show smallville - IMHO it's a terrible show but for the few moments Chloe Sullivan is on screen, my eyes are on the TV. And since it's been 7+ years, that's saying something lol.

(I might have stuck with Gaeas if there was a male character I could slash Lelouch with but none cought my interest)

I read the first one or two volumes and the fist 4 or 5 episodes. If someone could tell me which chapters/episodes focused on Fai and Kurogane I'd just do those - but Sakura makes me run the other way.
I read the whole CSS series and the anime and movies. But Tsubasa isn't really the same thing.

(Fai and Kurogane are the ones that keep Tsubasa shiny in my eyes)

I'm a total XXXHolic fan - *points to icon* and I ship Watanuki/Doumeki. Their interaction makes the show really come alive for me :)
... If you want a male character to slash Lelouch with, watch through episode 6, when Suzaku and Lelouch meet back up again. There are points where I want to slap both of them, but seriously--I personally think part of the reason there's not much fic for the ship is because the canon provides so much shiptastic goodness. Seriously. It only gets slashier as the season goes on. I mean, come on--when, for official scans, you get pictures like this and this, it's not that hard to see the SuzaLulu (no matter how much I hate Lelouch's nickname, it is an easy way to refer to the ship). And if you want crack, you can look for the picture dramas--about half of them are of no substance but fanservice. I can direct you to them if you'd like.

Tsubasa isn't the same thing at all, I agree--CCS had an adorable yet strong magical girl. In Tsubasa, for the first... 15 volumes or so, Sakura is pretty much narcoleptic. I'd... have to compile a list of the Kurogane/Fai dynamic, but, offhand, I can say that the Outo arc has a couple of good moments (Fai's nicknames for everyone, LOL), Piffle has some good moments (where Fai refers to himself as Mommy and Kurogane as Daddy), Acid Tokyo (where Fai finally loses the happy, but Kurogane lets everyone knows he cares in a major way), Infinity, Celes, and Kurogane's Japan (in order, all following Acid Tokyo). Tsubasa is excessively fluffy until Acid Tokyo, and it was Acid Tokyo where I actually started to care what happened to Sakura (sort of). So I always encourage people to read at least through Acid Tokyo before they give up (though I know 16 volumes is a big commitment for a trial period). Also, there are a lot of major plot twists that come in after the fluffy-ish beginning that recenter the series, in my opinion. (And Infinity and Celes are centered almost entirely on Fai.)

I crave the day when Watanuki and Doumeki will hook up in canon. It feels like they're this close, and yet so far...
Those two pics you linked to...I need to ask...have you seen Gundam Seed? Because there are Kira+ Athrun pics like that everywhere, lol - and this is despite having pretty good female leads hahaha.

Feel free to spam me with links 'cause that may there's a chance *something* will click and I'll be able to get on the CG bandwagon XD

Sakura is pretty much narcoleptic

HAHAHAHAHA Yes, yes YES. That's why I was in pain.

Maybe wikipedia lists out the arcs by chapters? That way I can compare and read those...

Is acid tokyo that OVA with the acid rain and the vampire stuff? Damn, this is what happens when I read spoilers. When does the clone plot come in?

Watanuki/Doumeki is so close to becoming canon that it's painful *whimers*

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I haven't seen Gundam Seed--it's on my list of things that I should think about getting around to watching. What's funny to me, though, is the strong resemblance Lelouch and Suzaku bear to other Clamp characters--Lelouch reminds me of Kamui (especially Tsubasa Kamui), and Suzaku bears more than a passing resemblance to Shaoran.

Oh, believe me, you weren't the only one in pain. But I was interested in watching Shaoran, and learning about Kurogane and Fai, so the random sleeping child was merely a tag-along who happened to be a plot device.

Wikipedia used to list out the arcs by chapters. Here's a link to Google's cache of it.

Acid Tokyo is the place with the acid rain (thus the name) and vampirism. And eye loss, and clones. Almost the first semblance of plot, though things that were mentioned earlier than that reappear later. And it's in Acid Tokyo through Celes (though I think it's mostly Infinity and Celes) where we start to see what makes Fai tick. ::shakes head:: Fai's life pretty much sucks. A lot.

And here's a link to the picture dramas. Out of these, the first one, episode 22.25, and episode 23.95 are serious. 4.33 and 6.75 are fairly lighthearted, but semi-plot relevant, if I recall correctly. 3.25 is all the Ashford girls in a bath, talking about semi-plot relevant things. 9.75 is Lelouch and Nunnally interaction, and then 8.75 and 9.33 are utter crack. 9.33 is cross-dressing crack.

I love how Watanuki finally took his head out of his ass, and Doumeki... pretty much thinks he's drugged because of it.
Well all of CG's character design were by Clamp ^__^

Google's caches are so darn useful *__*

Thanks for all the links - man my weekend is going to be busy hahaha

I think Doumeki got used to being yelled at by his wife XD The sudden change had him out of sorts lol.
Yeah, I know--part of the reason I picked up Geass in the first place. It's just funny how they managed to come up with original character designs for the other characters, and the two main ones resemble protagonists of their other series. Though I would never, ever ship Shaoran/Kamui.

My weekend's going to be spent watching Ouran for the third or fourth time (I can't remember which). I'm getting yet another person interested in it, so I can spaz about how much I love Kyouya and how there should be more Kyouya/Tamaki/Haruhi fic. XD

Have you listened to/read translations and/or scanlations of Horitsuba Gakuen? I'm fairly sure it's in that where Himawari and Doumeki tell Watanuki that he would make a good housewife. (Though I could be getting my Clamp canon mixed up. x.x) But yes, docile Watanuki is a new and vaguely alarming (to the other characters, at least) development. And we haven't seen Himawari in a while, who would be sure to comment on it...and probably bring out Watanuki's tendency to flail again. XD
I kinda like it though when the heroes are not the dark haired brunettes tha can be found from Harry Potter to Heero Yuy to Spiderman. I loved Ouran for that as well as FullMetal Alchemist (a lead with a braid, WOOT)

Shaoran/Kamui is...creepy. Well - in a cracktastic world it could work...

When I say Kyouya and Tamaki they were like a distant anime version of Harry/Draco with the personalities/colorings switched a bit (at least in that episode where they meet for the first time?)

Horitsuba Gakuen? No, I don't think so...

Flailing!Watanuki has a special place in my heart so I hope he's not gone for long XD
Lelouch was supposed to have white hair, yanno. I forget why they decided against it--maybe to have his dark hair go with his dark persona and dark chess pieces leading the Black Knights (ok, we get it, he's apparently a "dark" character. No need to bash us over the head with it, really).

In a cracktastic world, a lot of things could work... in very frightening ways, too. XD

Interestingly enough, for the first few episodes of Ouran, I remember thinking that Tamaki was what Draco could've been if there were no Voldemort. I can see where you're coming from based on the entire series, but I think the dynamic is different, simply because Draco is not as much of a soft touch for Harry as Kyouya is for Tamaki. I think this comes out more in the manga, but for all of his shadow king hype, Kyouya would do just about anything for Tamaki. Don't get me started on Ouran--I could gush for ages about it. XD

Horitsuba Gakuen is Clamp's AU crossover of their AU crossover. XD It takes the characters from Tsubasa and Holic and deposits them in a school, where Fai's a chemistry teacher, Yuuko's superintendent, Kurogane's gym teacher, and the teenagers are all students. It's... crack. Utter crack.

I think it's interesting to see this new mellow Watanuki, so long as he throws a spazfit every once in a while just to reassure everyone that he hasn't been bodysnatched. XD
I don't know when you dropped it but Darker than Black got to be very interesting in the end for me.

(Also, just friended you, hi *waves* got linked to you for a worldcup rec list and I liked your commentary)
It did? Hmm, now that can watch the episodes back to back I might watch it over the weekend and see. I think the problem with shows mid season is that if they loose their steam for a few eps, peeps just stop watching. It's easier if you have the whole season together :)

(*flails* I don't know from where half the peeps are finding those posts - feel free to toss your own opinions in whenever ^__^)

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I stopped watching Romeo x Juliet because the middle tended to waffle on (that and the animation didn't gel well with me).

Will do. I haven't been keeping up with the fest very well. I blame the two exams I have next week. But procrastination is something I do well and it is hard to stay away ;)
Unfortunately, DGM anime goes downhill really fast, with all the filler and the way the animators clearly have no sense of how to pace battle scenes. I tried Gundam 00 and I adored Tieria (and Tieria/Lockon), even just two episodes in, but then the gay got to me and I couldn't take it anymore. I mean, Gundams that spew sparkles? Come on. And I know exactly who to blame for it, too. *cough* Loveless *cough*
WHY FILLERS, WHY? Those things seem to be in every show I give a chance to and it kills all remaining interest. Then I come back at episode 70 to find out Allen got his new hand *headdesk*

Tieria (and Tieria/Lockon) are the only reasons I watch the show - I admit I skipped through scenes with some of the others and YES, THE SPARKLES HAHAHA. That is the most powerful weapon known to man? SPARKLES? Oye, we're back to peter pan.
Reborn does start off very slow. The first 20 episodes are just '' The first battle arc is okay, then a bit of filler, then the second arc.... *_* The current arc is my favorite so far, though, so please give it a chance! Those first 20 episodes are what kills everyone's interest.
That's the reason I placed it n group 2 - for a long time it felt like just filler but it started getting a bitmore interesting lately - though not quite as consistent as I'd like. Will keep watching in groups of 6 to 12 eps at a time...
Death Note went downhill after [spoiler] got [spoiled]. He should never have [spoiled] him.

Wallflower is made of awesome. :D

After Ouran though, everything seems a bit grey and not that exciting.
DN is the example of the show where the ending ruined the whole experience and I can't enjoy the show without recalling that finale. So, yeah, total no go.


Ouran was fabulously cracky and funny but it didn't have the emotional depth that I loved in shows like Full Metal Alchemist. And Nodame Cantabille was cracky fun in its own way too :)