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Anime of 2007: The Good, the Meh, the Blaaaaah...

What Worked for Me
  • Ookiku Furikabutte - yes, I'm a slasher at heart so this was adorable, and fun and made me want to squish the guys - and I'm a sucker for sports!anime
  • Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge - get past the girly guys and Sunako kicks so much ass (y'know, for a girl). It's a series that actually does get better as it goes - something of a rarity IMO
  • Nodame Cantabile - I didn't expect to watch it all the way through, considering I'd already seen the j-drama (and adored it to bits). But...the show is LOVE in all its media forms *__*
  • Seirei no Moribito - surprisingly good
  • D.Gray-man - had been waiting so long for this to become an anime and just seeing Allen & Kanda made me go \o/

Only just getting interesting / Mainly Filler
  • Gundam 00 - I'm a fan of Tieria, there I said it. He's an asshat who's afraid to let people in - wait, no *wonder* I dig him. And I was slashing him and Lockon but now ;__; And IMO, no he is not female...but probably a bot? I don't mind cyborg x boy love XD
  • Gurren Lagan - it just got interesting...
  • Katei Kyoshi Hitman Reborn - I keep watching it even though it feels like a lot of filler and not much content

Dropped: Code Geass, Death Note, Romeo & Juliet, Darker than Black, Claymore, Reideen

I couldn't even get through the first episode of Death Note because I kept remembering how the manga ended ;__; And Code Geass feels like quality soap opera *sigh* I don't get the hype. The other drops I might try to continue later but for now there's no real interest...

In any case, I doubt my faves match the lists online of top anime for 2007 (like this one and this other one). But that could actually be a good thing haha XD
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