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Return of the numbers...

[001] Y'all might remember this: Well, goshdarnheck has the whole set of emoticons available here for use as a LJ mood theme!

[002] norton_gale posted a poll on readership for the hd_worldcup - do fill it out when y'all have the time ^_^

[003] Original Slash Rec: Safe From All Harm by maderr- I just wanted to SQUISH Edison. Umm, linkies: Parts 1, 2 and 3.

[004] Okay, this might be TMI but I need to ask - whenever that time of the month comes along, I use pads...and I was thinking of trying tampons. My sis advised against it since the one time she used them - well, let's just say it got very messy. But is there a secret to finding the right tampon for a person or something? The aisle has a lot of choices and I admit, am a bit intimidated by it.

ETA: Well I guess I shouldn't have bothered labelling #4 as TMI since y'all all have a wealth of information O__O Most educational post in a long time! Before today I'd never even heard of the Diva uh, thanks. Will reply asap ♥
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tampax pearl is my tampon of choice! I usually get the regular since it hasn't let me down so far. I would advise against anything cardboard for first starting out because I found that to be painful.
It's the issue of messy and doing it wrong vs a lot of pain and I really don't know which way to go. I think I'll get a sample pack and try stuff ou next month. Thanks for the FB though!
Will check the poll and fic out later. In the process of reading an AS/S fic at the moment. :3

I used Tampax tampons then I decided to just stick to pads. I, um, tend to use a panty liner with the tampon 'just in case'.
Considering the number of times I'd need to change tampons and probably needing a pad in any case...maybe they're more trouble then they're worth. I'll still try 'em out though, just in case...

Was the AS/S fic any good?
It took me about 4 years to switch to tampons but I was overjoyed when I finally got the hang of it. There's less mess, less icky feeling between your legs, and it's cooler too.

BUT. It's hard to find the right tampons to begin with. I suggest starting with a smaller size than you need and changing them more regularly, just to get the hang of it. I have very long nails so(edited) I've never got on with the self-insert versions. I use the telescopic tube ones becase you don't have to put your fingers inside yourself to put them up. Also, the cardboard casing on the tubes means there's less friction than trying to insert something cottony and absorbant. The only thing i would say is that I don't find the tampons that come with the applicator tubes as good as the ones that are branded 'Tampax'. 'Tampax' seem to have the best expansion - or the most comfortable, I should say. They expand outwards whereas the applicator ones expand more lengthways. It might be worth wetting both under the tap to see what I mean.

That said I have a coil that stops my periods so I don't use tampons any more. But it's a pain to get to grips with them, but massively worth the hassle after that.

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See now some peeps say cardboard hurts (since its harder) and on the other hand we have the cotton which is dry and can rub you raw.

The lack of an icky feeling sounds great but I have a feeling I'd need a lot of practice...

I'll definitely be going with the smallest ones and moving up slowly

I'd heard of it in passing but I never knew what a coil actually did O__O Wow....
Afraid I can't help you with the tampons thing, I stay away from them since my cousin said they're painful :\
I tend to use Kotex because they are cheaper.

There's no special trick to tampons. Some people claim that they 'hurt' but that is generally if one is A. a virgin or B. never used a tampon before. It take some time to adjust to them, but once you do it is completely worth it.

Tampons are only messy if one does not change them enough. They need to be changed every few hours (+/- depending on high/low flow day).

I have been using tampons for about 12 years (oh shit, I feel old) and I would never go back.
Well since I'm both A and B, I'm kinda nervous about it, lol.

Do you use tampons overnight too? Because if sleep is 8 hrs or more and the tampon needs changing sooner...I'm guessing I should make should there's a pad/liner too, right?

I would never go back.

That's the main reason I want to try them out - if one can get used to it...might be far more convenient.
TMI alert! :D Tampons are brilliant. I'd never go back to just pads. They only hurt, in my experience, if you use a size too big for the amount of flow. Because dryness + big tampon = ow. They do take a bit of getting used to - you need to relax and push it in as far as it will go (if it's not in far enough, you can feel it and it's uncomfy). But it doesn't take long to get the hang of it! I tend to use a light pad or panty liner as well as a tampon when I have a heavy period, to prevent accidents!
I'm definitely starting out as small as I can go.

So it needs to go so deep you *can't* feel it? And the string is what prevnts it from getting....stuck, right?

Definitely going to use a liner/pad with it, thanks!
I've never tried tampons. (La, I'm a pad girl all the way, and with the birth control making flows lighter and shorter, I can get away with panty liners for half of it.)

The whole thing just seemed really, really...uncomfortable. :/ I have been contemplating trying something like Diva Cup. Because apparently, you don't have to shove it up there as far. But it does take some practice to get used to it, they say. :/ (Although, I've been told the same about tampons. Also, I'm sure it helps to know if you have a tipped uterus or not before you attempt to shove the tampon up there. Cause if you do, the angles are different.) ^_^;;
My first and second days ae always insanely heavy flow and then it becomes more sluggish. The pad just gets so full so fast that I wanted an alternative.

I admit, I'm a virgin, so I probably won't be able to properly fit something like the Diva Cup up my...umm yeah, TMI.

A tipped uterus O__O See, coming from asia, one never finds out stuff like this *headdesk* But thank you so much - those links were incredibly helpful ♥
Oh, man, I hate using pads. I had no idea so many people actually did. It's pads I associate with a mess, not tampons. Anyway, part of the time I use o.b. tampons, and part of the time I use that Diva Cup that was just mentioned above. In either case, I'll wear a light pad for backup, just for peace of mind, but it's rarely been actually necessary. I agree with those who said that that if tampons are messy, you're not changing them enough, and if they are painful, you need more practice using them.
Pads will always be messy with heavy peiods, and tampons have a learning curve XD And tampons do take a bit of getting used to if you've never had to insert stuff into that area before. I don't think I'd be able to fit the Diva Cup there at this point in my life XD
I only used pads for maybe a month right when I got my period. I hated it and switched to tampons right away, I even switched the mini ones and went with normal instead.

I never got the hang of applicator tampons (non-applicator is pretty much standard in Germany). [extra special TMI]I, um, forgot the cardboard piece inside once and kept wondering why it felt so uncomfortable. [/TMI] They are neat if you're travelling and only have limited access to water to wash your hands. Other than that, I find them pointless.

If you're unsure, start with the smallest size + pad or panty liner to get a feel for when you need to change. The pad will help prevent accidents.

It should not hurt. A tip, wet your fingers. Dryness is nr. one reason for discomfort.
Back home everyone used pads so tampons weren't really an option in that sense.

Tampons CAN get stuck O__O I thought that was only me being paranoid...

Thanks! I'm going to try it out next month and those tips will probably go a long way to improving the experience...
In with the "tampons are awesome but there is a learning curve involved" crowd. I would recommend buying (and trying) various types, and being unafraid to push the tampon up as far as it'll go. AND if you're uncomfortable, go for a smaller size or a different brand (I switched from Tampax Pearl to Playtex Gentle Glide for comfort reasons). Just don't be too afraid to try them out as much as you can-- once you get the hang of them, they are waaay more awesome to use than pads.
I;m definitely going to get a multi/sample pack if I can thanks :)

Push the tampon as far as it'll go? That idea kinda freaks me out because...well never had anything up there and it seems a bit...invasive? But I'll go slow and see how it works out...
I'm with Diva cup girl, actually. Not that I have one, but I know people who do and once you get used to it (it takes a few tries to put it in correctly), it's a lot cheaper than tampons because you don't have to keep buying it.

But, anyway, I've used tampons forever since I'm a swimmer and they're actually really nice to have in conjunction with a pad on heavy days because you end up feeling less...messy (is that too TMI?) I recommend Playtex just because you don't have to stick anything anywhere with a finger, the applicator does it for you, though like everyone's saying, you should start small and work your way up and make sure and be relaxed when you do put one in because it will hurt otherwise, just like inserting anything up there when you're not relaxed would.

Hope that helps. :)
I now I can't fit the Diva Cup in right now and would probably need the smallest taampons available lol

Messy pads on heavy days are the whole reason I want to try tampons

it will hurt otherwise, just like inserting anything up there when you're not relaxed would.

So I'm actually in the 'Diva Cup is evol' crowd -- I don't know if anyone else is but I've found that to be messier than pads as both pads and tampons absorb and the cup...catches. Makes for EXTREMELY messy/yucky issues. Or it does for me, as I turn into a clean freak that time of the month.

My suggestion is to go for Playtex. Yes, its more expensive but I've found their worth it. In your experimenting pay attention to the way the cotton is put together in the tampon -- the playtex is built like a flower in that it opens all around. with tampax or kotex the cotton is just in the one cylinder -- it expands but not really.

For your first time (and for general lack of the ick factor) I totally suggest anything with a plastic applicator. It may not be environmentally safe or stuff but way more comfy than anything else. If it hurts when you insert it, you're probably pointing it in the wrong direction - -you really do want to be pointing the applicator towards your lower back or the wall behind you.

The Playtex boxes always come with handy instructions, complete with diagrams, so if you just follow that you should be fine. :D
I'm quite sure a Diva cup won't work for me right now :)

Playtex really sounds ideal - will try it out!

I saw a diagram so I get what you mean by lower back - it's definitely the insertion that has me worried so the info helps, thank you :)
I've tried the tampax pearl and found them slightly painful.

I use the regular tampax with the cardboard applicators. They come in different sizes. You could get a multi-pack and see what feels best for you. Plus different day, different flow...
Pearl was painful? Was it harder/more abrasive or something?

The different flow is the hwole reason for trying the tampons. Heavy days are just incredibly icksome.
Tampons are god's gift to women. Seriously. I haven't used a pad since I was about 17? 18? and I am 25 now. I use OB tampons because they expand sideways, not just down-ways, and fit to the shape of each person'd vagina. You also put them in yourself (no applicator) so you can get them in the best position for you :)
OB tampons? Are they speciality/pharmacy tampons or just a different brand from playtex et all?

I think I need to ask...what exactly is the applicator for?