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Wall-E's love interest, revealed!

Wall-E is so darn cute - I WANNA SQUISH HIM...but his, uh, friend might have something to say about that >__> Why are all the good ones taken?

Am going to sleep now ^__^
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OMG, so cute. I totally awwwww'd out loud. Only Pixar can make a romance between two robots adorable. Can't wait to see this movie! :D
Isn't he just? I'm a bit tired of all the 3D but in this case it makes sense and just rocks. WALL-E IS ADORABLE, GAH
This is the cutest thing I think I have ever seen!!! I'm totally going to take both my girls to see it as soon as it's out!!! :D

Thanks for sharing it!!!!!!!
I'd spazzed about the movie before so I'd figured everyone knew about it lol XD

It's going to be such an awesome movie *__*
I just love that little guy.
Everytime I see him I'm all Awww.

I really can't wait to see this movie.