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Harry/Draco icon

Finally used my year old commission from Makani to make a H/D icon ^__^

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Oh and comment if you decide to use it.

Now I REALLY need to get some sleep.
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*hyperventilates* I have Always Loved this picture and live in frail hope that there was some kind of fic attached to it. Make me the Happiest Girl in The World and tell me there is? Because I LOVE this picture.
Hahaha, well I asked for this pic with the idea of auror!Harry/Draco and there are a LOT of fics this image works with - I keep looking up at it on my wall whenever I read ones like that.

There is Subtle Nuances by the late anjenue.
Harry Potter and the Inconvenient Condition by mirasfics is another favorite of mine and has both Harry and Draco as aurors and Harry becoming a vamp - it's hillarious and not to be missed
More serious but sill an excellent read is Dancing Devils in His Eyes by furiosity.

The one most people connect it to though is Maya's Drop Dead Gorgeous over here via tags - start at the entry at the bottom and work your way up...) - I suggest you read the ones above first so as to test the waters...

There are a lot more fics of the two as partners - as in hundreds - so I suggest you check out the rec lists:

sulky_rhino has a rec list with Auror!H/D fics here and office jobs here

asinful also has a list of fics which specifies if Harry or both are aurors

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Shejust got a book deal and is getting an original work published - so to prevent legal issues later all her fic is coming down - people can save it though or share it privatel. She promised to finish Quality of Mrcy and Drop Dead Mercy though.

My favorite fic of hers? Is not Drop Dead Gorgeous. It's If You Have a Ready Mind - did you read it yet? Cause its really amazing :)
Also, because I am a bit of a Slash Puritan, what's the pairings for Quality of Mercy, assuming you've read it?
She doesn't *specify* pairings but it's right now very much leaning towards the H/D. Most of her f-list are slashers so we'll kill if they don't get together XD
Umm extra stuff for Drop Dead Gorgeous you don't need right now:
There's even an audio book version here

A timeline for the fic

And a version that separates the past and the present in chronological order if the fic switching back and forth feels confusing...(good for reference wen things get a bit confusing with the flashbacks in the fic)

The Past

The Present

If you want any other H/D fics I have my rec lists and the Directory of rec lists listed at the top of this blog :) Though I can always spam you with select favorites :)
hmmm vaguely familiar... ;)
Seriously, it is a great piece of art and there should be lots more icons of it "out there"
Lol, I actually lost the version I did for you but I loved it so I had to try to recapture the effect hahaha. I was suposed to have done this LAST year but *shrugs* you had an excusive for a while XD
I had no idea it was your commission that prompted that beauty :D I've always loved that pic to bits! Makani does such an awesome Harry - pity good guys aren't her cup of tea (not that I mind her fixation on Malfoys, not a t all >:-) ).
I'd love to add it among my userpics if I may.
Lol, Makani isn't into slash but I'm a desperate H/D fangirl - I had to think of something that was shiny. I wish she liked Draco more but...the love is mainly for Lucius and Cissy.

Feel free to use :)
Aye, well.. luckily you can't draw senior Malfoys without Draco cropping up every so often ;) Even if it is baby pics for the most part. I do think he grew on her a bit after HBP and DH though :)

As for slash - she's definitely missing out *nods wisely*

Thank you very, very much!

I absolutely adore that picture and you made a beautiful icon out of it. (I save it and if I should use it I'll credit you and Makani of course :D)
i just friended you and am dropping a line so that you know i'm not a crazy ^^ i've been reading your notes on the hd_worldcup fics and also got sucked into the discussion about feminine products from two days ago... *laughs* no need to friend back ^_^