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Where I mention reality shows...

[001] I have a confession - I am addicted to Pussycat Dolls Presents: Girlicious. Yes, I know. And what's worse is that I'm fangirling NATALIE out of the whole group. Ok, I don't think any of them are great individuals, and Natalie has kinda been labelled the bitch of the season. BUT I LIKE HER. Somehow it feels like my interest in Draco, Artemis Fowl, Chandler...they're definitely idiots dysfunctional in their own way but it doesn't stop me from cheering for them. Yeah, I've got issues.

[002] Is it sad that the only new drama I want to watch is Gokusen 3? Oye.

[003] snegurochka, author of the fantastic fic Scorpius Malfoy's Very Bad Week, has put it up on her site here. Funny and hot - not to mention, well written - you should give it a try 'cause it's very easy to get sucked in.

[004] In Avatar withdrawl. I watched the last episode again and OMG:

Aang: Zuko, get over here - I want you to dance with me!

Zuko: WHAT?

*facepalm* The show IS surprisingly slashy. Though it didn't stop me from requesting Toph!fic recs. And to know that there are Zuko/Toph fics online? IS AWESOME \o/

[005] Found via meiface: Video of Korean Guys Having Oral Sex in Subway Causes Outrage. My mind went "WOOT" at the thought of slashy public sex acts. God, I am so corrupted by fanfiction. I'm quite sure I've read a Heero/Duo fic where they get it on in a subway train. Now I'm just thinking it needs to happen way more...I'm all for exhibitionist gay smut - both in fandom and RL hahaha...
I really want to know how the other people on the subway acted... other than moving away. I, as I would imagine, would be fascinated.
@ #5: I totally perked up when I read the title of that link. Five years ago I would've been appalled, but now I'm having difficulty understanding why anyone would be outraged over public slash. You're right, it's all fandom's fault *_*
Koreans like to pretend that homosexuality doesn't exist, which is funny since they all love going to the jjimjilbangs or public bath houses and often take weekend family vacations there. I guess they couldn't wait to get to one of the million love motels or DVD bangs. They've got cameras in all the subway cars now, I think because of this. I'm surprised none of the older people told them off as they love to do that.

When are the new eps airing :(
Holy crap! I know it's wrong but my brain just spasmed at that link. It's like slash fanfic come to life. There is something wrong there in my head to think that.
Why do I never see the hot guys having sex? I only get old ladys telling me about their last visit to the doctors *G*
The only thing that could make this ok for me, would be an ultra hot doctor and a talk illustrated by pictures of him...