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Finished my final layouts reboots for a while: megyal (minimum resolution of 1024 x 768) and bydaylight (a plus!account).

For the first one could y'all tell me if y'all DON'T see flowers on the bottom right?

And I was wondering - would anyone be interested in me releasing the codes to a variation of the Expressive layout I've used @ gossymer, maderr and megyal? It's a layout for paid accounts and uses a theme and user layer. This would be a sort of beta release since it'll probably take me till fall to get customized colorschemes and stuff done for it - since I need to do Opal and Bloggish first. But in the meantime, y'all have the opportunity to play with it :)

Oh and a bit random - stumbled on this by way of annafugazzi:

Wow, I really love those layouts. *jealous* Especially the Fai one. <3333

The flowers DO show up for me (using Opera) if that helps any.

I can definitely see the flower in the bottom right corner. It's quite pretty. ^^

Actually, if you don't mind my asking, what kind of a layout did you use for bydaylight (I really love it)? I'll probably end up going with Opal, but I was curious (is that opal?). And also...this is going to sound totally stupid, but where do you play with the code in a paid account? I've got a header all ready and I want to add that and just fool with the colors and stuff in general (I'm not sure if I'm using boxer or opal or what you get to the modification codes for both a different way?), and I can't for the life of me remember how to do it. I'm not running code off an outside site, either, 'cause i don't have one (except for the header, of course).
God, those layouts are both really pretty! The flowers show up for me in Safari on Mac, btw. I really like that effect, how did you do it? *kinda wants to steal*
I love your layouts... they are all really beautiful. I would love to learn how to make my own at some point, so it would be really great if you don't mind releasing the codes... so I can figure out the hows and intricacies from them! :D
If you're talking generally then I have a layouts tag which has not only some layouts but also specific customization guides to get your layout to look however you want it to :)
I hope people are interested in taking them and playing with them, they're all too awesome not to share.

*pets layout*

Yeah, I actually do, I stroke the screen. I'm not ashamed!
I see the flowers when I'm at the top of the page and they follow as I scroll down for a bit, but then disappear after a couple inches, as do the color stripes on the right. I'm using the latest version of IE.
Beautiful layouts! Especially the first one.
ANd on Mozilla/Firefox the flowers are there and stay there no matter how much scrolling. :D