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hd_worldcup: Tarot Prompt - The Lovers

"The Lovers represent that the seeker is at a crossroads where a moral decision must be made and you feel divided. You must know yourself because making the right decision could mean going against what others tell you. It is about choice and duality and decision. It can represent the necessity of being tested.

The Lovers can symbolize a deep love or a powerful drawing together of two entities, be it people, ideas, events, etc. It is the blossoming of a valuable and balanced relationship, intimate but not necessarily sexual. It can also signify a new relationship or that a current relationship is going through a big change.

Reversed - Obsessive relationship or fantasy dominating one’s life or pining for past relationships. An unbalanced relationship. Making the mistakes. Not learning from past. Failure to meet the test. Unreliability. Separation. Frustration in love or marriage. Untrustworthiness." -

This round was super easy to read, especally since the fics were shorter. Yet some of them were shockingly intense and I admit I have two more favorites. hd_worldcup is ♥

The One with Painter!Harry
Between Love and Honor -- Team Fanon
A sweet, short and fluffy piece that was also a superfast read. We have Painter!Harry which was fun to see. The one person I missed was Lucius, oddly enough. It seemed like Draco was living in a single parent household.

I also kinda wish we had more development between Pansy and Draco and more discussion between Harry and Draco. Though this one quibble may be 'cause I just like to have more words to sink my teeth into - others might read this and find the length appropriate *shuffles feet*

The One with Draco's Newspaper
The Last Voice -- Team Epilogue ♥ ♥ ♥
There are very few authors who make me feel these particular emotions; this love and yearning and hope and want and joy over my OTP. It's not even 6000 words and yet this fic doesn't feel short at all. There aren't any words wasted.So if you haven't read it yet, please try it out without the spoilers.

I should note that it wasn't just the H/D that was stunning. This story had one of those concepts that just blew me away - the thought of Harry's generation starting their own newspaper. I loved it from the moment I realised what was happening. The author is able to use this idea and make it work with the epilogue brilliantly.

I admit this isn't quite canon!Draco - he is more level headed and a bit more fanon in a take charge kinda way - but it worked. And when we get to the point when the H/D relationship's beautiful.

While most of my favorite fics for the fest focussed on characterization, this fic focusses on the Harry/Draco. If you want an OTP fic, this is it. It shows how and why H/D would work even with the epilogue and it does it smoothly and lovingly. The parts that hurt were a good hurt because they opened me up to the relationship and the raw need and love between Harry and Draco. Damn, I'm so happy with this fic that I'm tearing up. Gah. Okay totally not thinking objectively.

The One with the Trapped Muggle Girl
Lamp in the Cooling Room -- Team EWE ♥ ♥ ♥
Another beautiful fic. Last year, I went crazy over A Room With a View. This is similar in some ways becuase the story is viewed through the eyes of a rather clever young muggle girl.

Draco and Harry get trapped along with the girl and the fic focusses on their time together. I have this yearning for a sequel or a fic that shows what happens through the H/D POV - because when she asks, "What about Potter and Malfoy?" I'm right there with her, a voice screaming in my head and tears are running down my eyes because there is both hope and resignation and I need more to really feel at peace with this fic. Don't get me wrong -t's an amazing ending - but it still left me yearning for more - an epilogue or side fic of its own.

This fic has the best original character in the fest so far. "I wish you were my dad," "And Potter too," "Can someone have two dads?" That scene was so gorgeous that my eyes started watering. The fic has this underlying element of desperation and yet there is also this innocence that comes with narration from a child's POV. The language and story delivery seems so simple at times, but it has such quiet depths in emotion that it left me stunned. I want to know more about this world the author created - about the nameless girl and her parents, about Harry and Draco and the future events that weren't included. Definitely a fest favorite.

The One where Harry & Draco are Stuck Together
No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy -- Team Canon
This story might be the longest out of this batch but since it has humor, it felt like a much lighter read than the previous two fics.

The story focuses on Harry and Draco where a fudged up apparition gets them stuck together. So unlike previous bonding fics one might have read, in this case there is only a physical bond. The interaction and characterization of Harry and Draco definitely felt canon and I enjoyed watching their antics as they tried to deal with the situation.

If there were an award for most original alcohol, this fic would get it. Pinot Devil stole the show. This fic had snark and awkwardness and the smut put a smile on my face - especially Harry initially viewing it as a competition, lol.

One thing that didn't quite work was the mystery murder part - Pansy as the villain of the whole thing didn't quite gel for me. Apart from that, the descriptions of the victims was surprisingly detailed though I admit a lot of the jargon Draco used went over my head. Still it added credence to Draco's vocation and I appreciated that. An all round good read.

My Top Teams for The Lovers: Team EWE & Team Epilogue

I'm guessing rurounihime wrote The Last Voice and libby_drew wrote Lamp in the Cooling Room. Though I might be wrong XD ETA: Yeah Ru isn't on team!epilogue *headdesk*

All Tarot Prompts can be found via the fests tag.

My masterlist of recs for hd_worldcup can be found here
What I love about your icon/comission is the way the artist caught their personalities. Harry's expression is open and friendly, Draco is aloof and guarded. But we know Harry can set him on fire and only Harry sees the real Draco.
The idea was that Harry and Draco were being featured for an article and Shacklebolt suggested they pose for a shot for the sake of the department. In my mind Draco had probably said something snarky and he's still sort of deadpan but it's got Harry to start grinning.

I always thought Makani had the most canon character designs so waiting over a year for the piece was alright since she included *everything* I requested - kinda insane because the piece is so detailed and I'm sure she must have been facepalming but... ♥
Waaaah! I haven't read a single one yet! Has been distracted by Snarry Games and long fic by Meri!
I think that the author of the first one isn't very experienced. Just opened it, and what I see is:

Narcissa remarked; Draco replied; Narcissa commented; Draco countered smoothly; Narcissa sniffed.

Those are dialogue attributes. Not a single "said" in the opening part :)
My mind has it's own scrubber than just skips past the said/comments/countered and jumps to the dialogue. That might be why it felt like a quick read >__>
Yeah, I figured that was why it was so quiet! You're probably going to be spliting reviews with s_g now, aren't you?
Oh, great! I was going to take a break but then you go and guess Roru and Sansa are involved and the choco H/D gâteau you are describing sounds DELISH and I really wanted to go on a bit of a diet, for just one night, but HOW CAN I RESIST! I tell you! HOW?!


*makes like Lazarus*

*goes off to eat chocolatey H/D cake*

Y'know what's CREEPY? I'm on your lj reading your commentary XD

I suck at guesswork so I'm most likely WRONG. But...they're still fab fics

I printed out Lamp in the Cooling Room (I LOVED it and my love needs CAPSLOCK) so I won't be doing what vayash calls "a crack!run-through" for that one. I'll just make a little post talking about how I'm giving up my future first-born to the author if they want it, specially if they're like Messiah!Lily, and freaking out about the end. The end killed me ded.

That is creepy. heh
I need closure for LitCR since I keep thinking H & D are dead and I want the author to prove otherwise. BECAUSE IT'S A FANTASY SERIES AND MAGIC SHOULD SOLVE EVERYTHING DAMNIT.

Lol XD

Well, we can always whine so much about the ending and talk about how it feels incomplete and back it up with some literary bullcrap so that the author feels guilty and writes an ending for us. :DDD After all everyone knows that happy endings in H/D = High brow literotica.
Oh! And thanks so much for friending! ♥ Didn't expect it at all. Whenever somebody does it brings a very surprised and fully stalkerish smile to my face.
Psst -- not to debunk your theories, but Ru isn't on our team.


(obviously I absolutely SUCK at guesswork)

I will look back on these posts and shake my head at how off I was XD

My money says Ru wrote ring o roses (she is on team canon) - taking that bet?

Am def going to point and laugh at my predictions later *facepalm* GAH.
There are definitely other folks on team canon that have the chops for that fic, and certainly folks that I'd think of more likely to write the anger and agression, but the description of the tastes and physical reactions made me think of her. Also just the ultra raw emotional feel of it made me think of her writing as well. Oh well, I'm happily proved wrong.
Well, it's clear by this point that I have one pick this round, the Muggle girl one. The rest weren't my things.
Yeah, I've got a feeling the Muggle girl one is going to be a runaway favorite for the round - the ending just kills ♥ The rest are more iffy and depend of reader's preferences.

Isn't Lamp in the Cooling Room simply breathtaking? I love outsider POVs (heh, thanks for mentioning Room with a View ♥!) and read them alot, but this one is... just unique. I found myself fidgeting over the fate of the little girl and sniffling at her sad background story (but how wonderful was the worried father at the end??) so much that I sometimes had to remind myself that the fic was about Harry and Draco too! (And how marvellous were our boys?!)

*is incoherent*

I'm totally sure it was sansa1970's fic, it reminded me of her dollhouse story *iz too senile to remember title*!
I can already see it becoming one of the biggest hits of the fests. The impact is just, wow. But man, I think back on it and my stomach clenches because the end just hurt. I need to know what happens. Hell. That's the only reason it's not in my top three.

(Room with a View was beyond brilliant and the only fic that has a similar feel)
I just finished reading Lamp in the Cooling Room and now my vision is blurry because of the tears. But it was such a beautiful fic.

"...when she asks, "What about Potter and Malfoy?" I'm right there with her, a voice screaming in my head and tears are running down my eyes because there is both hope and resignation and I need more to really feel at peace with this fic."

That is exactly how I felt at the end. I kept rereading the last paragraph as if more would appear.