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hd_worldcup: favorites round up.

Okay, about 40 fics have been posted for hd_worldcup and I thought I'd just post my general favorites:
My top three at the moment are How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?, Take a Sad Song (And Make it Better) and DIY Messiah - but that's just for me and I know everyone's measuring the fics by their own yardstick.

What are your favorites so far? It doesn't matter if you've read everything or not - I'd just like to know what peeps enjoyed the most ^__^
I've been posting my top two of every prompt here

But in terms of over all favs, I'll take your list and take a few away:
Take A Sad Song (And Make It Better)
Blind Leading the Blind
A Dark Place in Time
How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?
Ring A-Ring O' Roses
Lamp in the Cooling Room

and then I'll add
After Eden
Smile, You’re on Camera
Precious Things

My top three are:
Lamp in the Cooling Room
How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?
Take A Sad Song (And Make It Better)
Oooh, I debated on LitCR but the ending felt too bittersweet for me - I still need to know whether Harry & Draco survived - without knowing I just feel...incomplete when I think of the fic, despite the ending being brilliant.
Gosh, I'm with you on the top three. Is there a band of flesh somewhere between us? Btw, they never said *where exactly* that band was! *pouts*
they never said *where exactly* that band was!

I KNOW - I kept wondering about that and then I realized that if both their hands can be moved freely...they'd have to be joined at the hip? *facepalm*

EEE, awesome we're on the same page - I figured that everyone's faves would vary hugely - especially since Im such an Epilogue!ho.
Wow, DIY Messiah is in your top three? I admit that I find that startling. When I get the chance of it, I'll have to go back and read your review of it.
*flail* I'm so behind! I haven't managed to read any fics after that first week, although I'm going to try to catch up over the next couple weeks. Of the ones I've read so far, I really enjoyed Take a Sad Song (And Make it Better) and Brother, Confesser; Lover, Redeemer.

I really can't wait until I have time to just sit down and read all the fics. I know I'm missing some awesome stuff!
Take a Sad Song was kinda the early hit of the fest and I think got more peeps to take note of hd_wc. But yeah, SO MUCH FIC :( :)

I'm hoping a quick list of faves from peeps might encourage peeps to try some out - and get back in the H/D mood ^__^
Out of all, I think it'll be How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?. It's a favourite because it's just witty and funny. Like I said before, I love Team Epilogue fics the best.

Forgot to add DIY Messiah in fave. The Potter kids are hilarious.

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*GLOMPS* I know most peeps are going to go o__O and "Those are your faves but my selections are really about the writing so much as how they made me feel - DIY Messiah made me think of my family in the way Everybody Loves Raymond does - I just loved it.
I have slavishly read everything and am currently fashioning myself a large badge to wear. (It will be a short-lived victory because I just know tomorrow we are going to get four 50K fics, and I will cry, cry.)

I'm keeping careful tally of my votes and so far no fic has managed to squeeze all 20 points from me. Four have reached 19 points, though:

What Could Have Been (And What Was)
Breaking All the Rules
Ring A-Ring O' Roses
Lamp in the Cooling Room

They are all *delightful*. :)

I don't know if you can tell - I am Stockholm-syndromising this fest like whoa. It's holding my time hostage and totally non-coning my personal life but I can't bring myself to mind it at all. :)
I actually had a few more with full scores or near full scores (since each round's numbers depended solely on the four fics in the round) - but I wasn't really thinking about the was more along the lines of which fics will you remember and treasure and go back to?

Definitely agree on those 4 being top fics though ^__^ LitCR is going to have me whinging at the author for some kinda closure 'cause I'm still hurting from it.
I have a list of about 15 that I liked. I couldn't pick my top three, so here are my top four!

Take A Sad Song (And Make It Better) (Epilogue)
Blind Leading the Blind (Epilogue)
Breaking All the Rules (Epilogue)
Lamp in the Cooling Room (EWE)
The monologues with the legal jargon from Breaking All the Rules did keep it from my favorites but it's definitely awesome.

I think Lamp in the Cooling Room struck a nerve for readers...
What Could Have Been (And What Was) and Take A Sad Song (And Make It Better) were brilliant and I loved Riptide.

Hmmm... I think there are three others that I read :) I liked Toast for Two (the coat fic ;))

I've been thinking of DIY Messiah on my way home and I think I'll read it from the beginning again, trying to understand thing better with my newfound knowledge :)
Those three were amongst the first to make an impact on me so ♥

Oh, do give it a try - but if it doesn't work for you, it's understandable since all three of my top faves have unique characterization, writing and storylines - they won't be everyone's cup of tea.
i'm team fanon's captain, and because i read most of their fics before posting, it's hard to say which of those i were my "favs." i'll stick to the other teams' fics (except for one, which stood out for me in particular). so, in no particular order:

the affairs of men
how do you mend a broken heart?
breaking all the rules
blind leading the blind
better the devil you know
darkness is not the absence of light
what could have been (and what was)
after eden
take a sad song (and make it better)
fool (or, the many good deeds of draco malfoy)

i haven't read quite a few of the newest fics, though, what with the other fests i've been trying to finish fics for. hopefully i'll catch up soon. i see that quite a few people liked DIY Messiah, but i haven't gotten to that one yet! :)
hm- just realized how many fics that is. oh well! *laughs* may tastes are many and varied ^^
I'm woefully behind on my bookmarks, but from those I've read so far, I'd say "A Dark Place in Time", "What Could Have Been (And What Was") and "DIY Messiah" were my favourites. Besides, while I'm usually pants at guessing authors, I'm 100% sure about the author of the last one :)
All three of those were delightfully unique and wonderful! I know not everyone likes them (for various reasons) but they had me going \o/

WHO IS YOUR GUESS? We can totally share theories until the reveal XD IMO How Do You Mend a Broken Heart? was by mahaliem - and that's also the only fic I think I'm right about.

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Ring A-Ring O' Roses and
Lamp in the Cooling Room
are my "A" fics

Some of the fics you list, I liked "OK", I had some minor problems with them, but mostly I just didn't "connect" with them. I do understand why a lot of people are really excited about some of them. Then there are actually a few that I'm surpised that so people liked. I'm beginning to think I'm an odd bird.
I think those two while top picks, left me hurting too much to be absolute faves. I need to know what happened to H/D in LiCR - I think it's left a mark on me.

No, no - I totally get where you're coming from. I actually expected more people to be like that. My choices aren't looking at accurate characterization, good writing styles etc. They're just going by what I felt when I read the fics - it was all about the connection. And I doubt most peeps would feel the same as me.

I've also come to realize that it's very much the timing - after a lot of bleak fics or ambiguous endings, coming across a crack/humor fic can have people going \o/ even if it wasn't all that spectacular. If the fics were released as standalones out of the fest, reception would be quite different IMO.
I've pretty much given up on reading all stories.

My absolute favourite is Take a Sad Song (And Make it Better). DIY Messiah I haven't read yet, but I stopped reading How Do You Mend a Broken Heart? when I got bored.
How Do You Mend a Broken Heart has a certain brand of humor that might not qork for everybody. Actually all three of those fics are...quirky. They aren't stellar in the traditional sense so I don't expect everyone to love 'em. But do try out DIY Messiah :)
My fav's?

Lamp in the Cooling Room is by far my favorite.

Darkness is Not the Absence of Light


What Could Have Been, and What Was
With LitCR in mind, I wonder what would be considered character death in a story. If, for instance, the last scene is of a guillotine falling down in which death is assumed, should there be a character death warning? Somewhat similarly, if the author's intention in LitCR, is for Draco and Harry to die, should she warn us?

Not really, because it's an ambiguous ending - a cliff hanger that'll probably never be resolved and leaves it up to the reader to decide what might have happened. At most the author can warn for an ambiguous end/cliff hanger but otherwise...? No.

There are peeps who've argued the end to be happy and those who think it sad. And then there are those like me who just hope that the author puts something out later that clears it all up - whether it be an epilogue, side story etc
OK, when the Cup started, I was absolutely over the moon. I thought, 4 new posts every few days with the regulars mixed in... this can't be anything short of Simply Glorious. But I have been deceived! I cannot keep up! *facepalms*

At any rate, my favorites so far (I think):

Smile, You're on Camera [EWE]
Take a Sad Song (And Make It Better) [Epilogue]
DIY Messiah [Epilogue]
Beneath Boundless Skies [EWE]
An Interpretation on Justice (the Aurors and Assassins Mix) [Epilogue]

Have yet to read a good many and perhaps will need to backtrack a few (notably, Riptide and Lamp in the Cooling Room). Dunno if it's because I missed something or maybe read too quickly..

Out of curiosity: how are you all keeping track of your favorites?