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Meme: Spring Music Playlist

snagged from sunsetsylvia :)

The Meme: List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.

I kinda love Deezer because not only does it WORK in most browsers - you can also upload your crazy rare foreign music and add it to playlists XD Unfortunately, I don't think others can see the names in the playlist if you upoad them yourself >__>

Still, click play and you can always skip to the next song by pressing the >| button :)

Tagging: shabzilla, carameltrap, grrliz, irrevokable, scoradh, meiface and you.

(Yes, I'd just prefer to tag the whole f-list show me your music!)
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I see you like the Code Geass theme song. XD Did you get a chance to watch any more over the weekend, and did it revise your opinion any?
Ended up doing layouts, H/D and studies on weekend XD

I'd gone to and downloaded their most popular music over the past 2 years. This playlist is the final result of that and some lj music blogs.

I am determined to watch CG - though it might not be till this season ends. I hate being left hanging - and this show definitely likes to toy with people XD

I heard there might be a sequel series or something?
We're currently on season 2, and the series is still messing with people's heads. x.x There was a pretty big cliffhanger to end the last season, and it was unsure for a while whether or not there would be a second season--luckily, I fell on the Geass bandwagon after people were certain of the existence of a second season.

I'm not sure about a second series, but the current season (season 2) is referred to both ways, actually. There's definitely a huge time gap between the last episode of the first season and the first of the second season, which probably makes it more accurate to refer to the second as a sequel series. Outside of that, though, I don't know.

I need to catch up on the World Cup--I told myself I'd read every fic, but it might have to wait until May with the way the rest of my April looks. Geass, though--they're so heavy-handed with the cliffhangers that I make time on Sundays to download and watch it. I think a lot of people would term that an addiction. x.x
ooh give me some time to do this but music-sharing always makes me happy! i'll do it really fast for you here (no uploads b/c i suck and should be essay-writing, haha):

1. epik high - one
2. super junior m - at least i still have you
3. darren hayes - love and attraction
4. wang lee hom - kiss goodbye
5. orange range - hana
6. csjh the grace (feat. kyuhyun) - just for one day
7. ciara - hotline
Darren Hayes, WOOT! Do you think you'll be uploading 'em? 'Cause otherwise I'll need to search for them later...
You like a lot of Bleach's theme songs. :) I think out of all the long running series, Bleach's theme songs are really excellent.
Several of the Bleach songs I downloaded via gendou - and didn't realise which anime they came from. And...I just gravitated to those - kinda weird XD
Oh Jesus. Do not even ask me to share music. Last time somebody asked me that I ended up sending her over 100 songs over AIM.

...give me a letter of the alphabet and I will do seven songs that start with that letter.
Lol and LATE TO THE PARTY IS ALSO THE STORY OF MY LIFE. Though in fairness that song has been on my hard drive for about that long.
Re: *evil laugh*
Ah, but which ones have you been playing very often this spring?

(And yeah, I have much fewer P songs too - everything's in S or R)
that first song is bleach's theme right? man, i need to catch up with that show. my sister starts talking about it and i'm like, what the hell are you talking about? *laughs* i'll try to do this meme on my on lj later today or tomorrow. gotta think about this ^^
Cool, that you picked up this meme!
I am just listening to some sort of japanese? pop-song.
And it doesn't show the titles indeed, although mine does. Care to post the titles, please? *curious*
I will hopefully remember to do this! (and have to resort to youtube embedding because I am hijacking computers that aren't mine)

OT: I read a random Gundam00 fic and it referred to Tieria as a 'mother hen' and I swear I broke something laughing.
Oh my god! Beautiful World by Utada is BEAUTIFUL. Please please please send it to me..please. *cries and whines* So pretty,me wants so bad. ;__;

Ohhh and Ash like Snow is good too,can you send it to me too? I'll send you some songs in return if you want. ;__;
Oh but I don't want to register. Can you upload the song Beautiful World,just that one song? You don't have to do it right now,I can wait. ._.