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*facepalm* Yes, please ignore

So much for control - it's like I can't stay away :(
  1. GIP Layout in Progress: Blue grey reboot for pixisity
  2. Done: Ultra purple/black + acid green highlights @ calanthe_fics

Okay I swear these two reboots are the last. Now that I've done dark versions of the expressive layout, I just have to write the customization guide and will release codes for use next week.

And now to read the worldcup fics *flail*
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it is so far above perfect i can't put it into words! The colours are so me, and that font is THE one!

you are beyond awesome.

WOOT! If there are changes you need just tell me - or you can always put it up and if you find something odd I can fix it then :)

Oh and I'll need to e-mail you the codes and instructions XD

The colours are so me, and that font is THE one!

*dances* That's the one thing I hope for when doing customizations - something that fits you ^___^
My e-mail address is calanthe dot fics at gmail dot com. And I promise to read your instruction post before bothering you with questions.


I have a fic idea percolating. :)
e-mail sent!
Lol, I'm going to sleep in about half an hour so if you have any issues before then, I'll be able to respond asap ^__^

(do not tease >__<)

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Re: e-mail sent!
*facepalm* It was actually James II/Scorpius...

*starts snickering*
*flails incoherently* WOW. So hot.... ILU... seriously that is awesome....I love it. <3333333333 *goes to flail more incoherently* (a lovely thing to wake up to) Thank you so much...

Haha, I know there are still some things I need to work on but \o/

My biggest Q is about the header since I'm not used to doing much with fandom images so I didn't add any text or brush effects to it. Is there anything you're interested in seeing?
Hrm, I'd have to think about that, but I'm ok with just leaving it up to you to decide what to do. He writes a LOT of songs but I'm not sure I have any of the lyrics - I'll go hunting and find links for you.

But yes, it is very very shiny and win and just wow. <333333

No, they're both awesome. I think you had sent a message to me about Calanthe's own? In any case, I like them both.
Haha, yes - when linking to some comments I made to you I hit reply in the wrong window *headdesk* Yeah, that's me.

I'm more used to doing darks along the lines of shexay's but calanthe for very fascinating to work on - I wonder if there's anyone out there who wants a chocolate bark brown layout >__>
*snickers* I love your icon...

It's from one of last year's magazines I think. The picture doesn't give any indication of the magazine and I don't even remember who I got it from apart from it being on the K8 comm...

(doesn't he look totally hot there? *dies*)

I was like 'YASU ...wait I'm not sure now' XD

He is the cutest thing ever ahhhh. Is it sad that I pray to bump into him this summer. D: D: D:
Not at all - until my Japan plans were scuppered (thanks SO much, hubby-o-mine *glares at him still*) I was hoping for the very same thing. (better luck next year?) I hope you do - that'll be so much awesome and win. =)

are you thinking of making the codes public for people to modify? your pages look awesome and i would love to learn more about those things i can do as a paid user with stylesheets-

silly, cause i just changed my lj layout, but yeah XD
Expressive has definitely become my favorite style 'cause it's so customisable - the codes will have a user layer, theme layer, step by step instructions along a guide for some of the more popular customizations (changing alignment, color icons to the right, adding header/sideheader/more etc.)

I'm hoping it gets peeps to go crazy with their own layouts and get it to look the way they've always wanted :)

Though this will be a beta release of the codes since I'll do colorschemes et all in the fall and re-release it then :)
Hello you!

So I have rummaged through your tutorials and layout codes, and created my first personal layout based on your Web 2.0 design :D. There are problems here and there, but it already totally makes my week! Just want to drop by and let you know, and also to say thank you for your awesomeness ( of course, I have credited you on my profile page too).
OMG, so pretty! I know my layouts aren't the easiest to customize but I love to see what peeps do with them - and that's a lovely deisgn *__* I myself started out by playing with interlinea's layouts and slowly worked my way to the recent layouts - and it's really incredibly cool when things turn out the way you want them to ^__^