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*is distracted by eyecandy*

Meet Zelos Wilder ⇒

He's one of the characters in Tales of Symphonia (both the game and the recent OVA) and he is just SHINY. And also very, very interesting - check out his wiki page if you don't believe me. Yes, he IS more than a super pretty guy.

So obviously I'm now looking for slash or gen fic with him XD If anyone is familiar with the fandom? Would appreciate some guidance *hugs people's knees*

(And yeah, got a dozen icons from the "Tales of" game series - couldn't resist)
- (Anonymous)
Oh and don't forget, if you become BFFs with him, he'll be your most awesome sekrit weapon :) Though if you treat him like shit he'll stab you in the back >__>
- (Anonymous)
I think he needs one of those labels "Warning: Possible Death by Fangirls" SO MUCH PRETTY
Love his v-neck. :DDD It brings out his cleavage.

He looks tasty. I'm going to check him out.
he- i have this game! didn't know there was a fandom, though. zelos is definitely one of my fav characters from the rpg, mainly because he cracks so many jokes ^_^
Hello, Zelos-darling! Too bad he only appeared so briefly in the last OVA. He's such a total flirt but he kicks ass, too. Oh, god, now I want to go back to that last OVA and screencap him like crazy. I blame youuuu.

FF.Net has some Zelos fics but, er, some are really badly written. *sighs* There's slash fics of him with Lloyd or with Kratos.
Oh, he's lovely. ::drools:: Plus, he's a big ol' flirt with hidden angsty pain! (=win). It's almost enough to make me want to get into playing computer games, hehe.