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so many fics to read, so little time...

[001] Have you ever had someone make fun of a name and then suddenly, whenever you see the title, you keep remembering the way that person said it? Well, a certain show will now forever be known in my mind as Code Gay Ass *facepalm*

[002] Figured out the four colorschemes for the release: Snow (whites), Library (lights), Chocolate Bark (darks) and Chalkboard (greys). Still working on them - they should be out over the weekend :)

[003] Y'all saw the parody!play of Avatar in the Ember Island episode sneak peak- but what was missing was Man!Toph. Now I'm just wondering if the building is still standing after Toph discovers him O__O
In retrospect, Code Gay-Ass probably is appropriate. At least to many, many fangirls ;)
LOL, we slash enthusiasts would probably love a gay!name for each and every show we fangirl XD
Um, that wasn't me, was it? Because I kept calling it Code Gayass for a while now.

I totally concur with your post title! If only a Time Turner exist.
YES, YES IT WAS YOU! And now I keep reading it as Gay Ass and facepalming, argh >__> I don't mind the name but my mind does this imaginary headdesking when I get the name wrong *sigh*

Am reading the fics now...all 8 that are pending O__O God, miss a few days and you're already behind...
Haha, yay! I didn't want it pure white since that gets pretty blinding over time - so I went for color codes between #d0d0d0 and #f2f2f2 (#fff being white) - though doing your layout made me want to do Chocolate Bark asap XD
Oh my gosh, I want to use Chocolate Bark and Chalkboard so badly! Will we be able to add headers images to these codes?
Chocolate Bark is my favorite though Library is the most comfy for reading fics IMO - but chocolate makes me hungry >__>

You'll b able to add a header in the same way as I did for the shexay_yasuda's layout (the one in the previous post) - not only that, but you can add multiple images: header, side header, top background image, side background tiles - this style has so many frickin' options for images O__O. Probably the best lj layout to play with IMO.
how do you do that thing where you have multiple styles for your page? is it to do with the styles that you save?

like, you add s2id=22166109 to the end of something, and wa-la! too cool :) i have got to start using those codes and things- i've been coding webpages for years but have never got around to screwing with lj's base codes. just overrides.
I have an explanation on layers over here:

I'm totally lazy and instead of using a separate website for live previews, I just create a new style with user/theme layers and use the preview to show how it looks.

There IS a limit to the number of styles one can makes but I've got about 30 previews up at the moment I think...

If you're going to play, use Expressive! Lots of options for images and its really the most functional style on LJ IMO!
Um! Now you've got me saying Code Gay Ass in several times out loud and I still can't figure out what show that might be. :D
Hi there. I'm going to add you if you don't mind. Feel free to add me back if you'd like as my entries are friends only. :)
*waves* Hi! Don't mind in the least - though I am wondering how you found my little corner, lol XD
To be honest, that's what I thought when I first saw Code Geass. I mean, what were they thinking?