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God, I love the internet

[001] You can download the latest two episodes of Avatar now - Boiling Rock Part 1 and Part 2. For mirror links and other options, check out avatar_fans (ETA: Ok, missed Toph like MAD during this episode)

[002] Going through some older original slash fics, I came across that wonderful Ninja/Pirate fic maderr posted a while back. SHE IS SO FABULOUS. It's no wonder I fangirl her like mad.

[003] You should all check out sutlers' fantastic introductory picspam for Macross Frontier - its a fabulous way to get to know the peeps in the show and what it's all about :)

[004] carameltrap also did a Macross Frontier drabble on Alto/Mikhail - I can't believe how happy I was to see it. I squeaked O__O (ETA: WHY IS THERE SO LITTLE SLASH FIC AT THE MOMENT, WHY?)

[005] My interest in the Vampire Knight series is focussed solely on the two main bishounen, Zero and Kaname - which led to me reading this fic on - not half bad actually. Ok, so it's not the best but... the lack of slash in the fandom made me desperate. If you don't mind the occasional Vamp!fic, you might want to check it out. It's intense and yet the relationship between the two builds gradually till we get some really steamy smut scenes - the wait made it better too >__>

[006] My sister has been going on and on about the series, Kushiel's Legacy by Jacqueline Carey - my interest perked when I heard that books 4 to 6 have a male protagonist. Has anyone read those volumes?
Is Vampire Knight good? I've recently gotten back into anime (after I tried so hard to quit my addiction last year... gah, relapse), and I've been hearing a lot about it. I'm a little wary because it looks like a typical shoujo series teeming with heterosexuality, but idk :\
IMO, it's very typical - and I've heard that by chapter 30 something the main girl (Yuuki) is pretty much a disappointment. I think there is better shoujo out there - like Kare Kano. Even Gakuen Alice, while being a bit silly, was hillarious >__>

I'm going to drop the anime soon and reading that fanfic got me past that desperate need for slash of some kind between those two boys.
All right then, bumping Vampire Knight down to the bottom of my reading list (and adding Kare Kano :D). I definitely agree about Gakuen Alice, even though I never finished watching it b/c all the episodes weren't subbed yet :( *should go back and finish*

Yeah, lack of slash can get frustrating sometimes, but fanfiction = next best remedy. I just gave up on shoujo and went straight for yaoi *_* I'm definitely overstimulating all my slash receptors, gah.
Saw the picspam. lol. Really funny but I kind of snarky commentaries on the episode. Over at the 00 comm, there's this girl who does brilliant, snarky commenteries on the 00 episodes.

Gak, I can't believe you rec my drabble for all. It's lameeee. I need to improve on writing slash.
Oh, link me over to them - I love Teh Snark :)

MAN THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SLASHING OF THOSE TWO. There are days when I wonder about the slashiness of LJ - *sigh*
You can find her comments at her journal tryxkittie. She doesn't tag them all so you have to scroll down all her posts to find them. What is it with people and not tagging their posts?

Why is no one else writing Frontier??? *wails* I want to read other Frontier fics.
Lol, my tags are a mess too - but the recs usually have one at least XD Thanks for the link!

I think they're all waiting for the season to end before starting to dabble :(
The slash fairy is alive and well, ask and you shall receive ;) *runs off to read*

Yeah, the lack of redeeming characteristics in many of the shoujo heroines, led to me avoiding the genre for many years. Now I'll try if it comes highly recommended by people I trust.
STILL NEED MOAR. Damnit, I suddenly wish all the fanfic weren't just coming from the hd_worldcup *sigh* Bishounen need love too!

Try Kare Kano! You can find it on anime_downloads. That's one of the only shoujo anime that kicks ass IMO.
Bishies will get love... eventually. Only three eps have been subbed after all! *needs Alto icon*

It is actually one I've seen ^_^; I still remember being utterly surprised it being directed by the same guy who did Evangelion.

[006] I read the first book, back in probably tenth grade when I thought it was the most awesome thing ever, but I think I've sort of . . . grown out of that kind of thing? It's all so serious business and ends up just looking kind of like really campy wish-fulfillment to me, with like, oooh diaphanous guaze and dark. rose. tattoos and look, BDSM! I didn't read the next couple of books but my friends who were really into the series said they weren't as good as the first one.
The first book in Kushiel's Legacy is definitely the best, but they're all worth reading. Her writing slacks a bit in the fourth book, so I haven't read past that yet (but probably will someday).
I LOVE YOU WITH A BURNING DESIRE, MA'AM. I was browsing through your journal, and when I saw your #001, I seriously had a "Wait. Is she serious? How did I miss this joyous moment on the Internet?" moment. Thanks for informing me! :D ♥♥~!