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Programs that do wonders for the computer experience :)

An iTunes plugin: Volume Logic
You don't have to do a *thing*. Just install and when iTunes runs, the plugin will be in your system tray. Why is it awesome? It automatically adjust the levels for each song you play in real time. All of it automatically. Hindi music sounds fabulous, the bass for dance music is wonderful - why the heck didn't I find this sooner?

You can download it here - its a 30 day demo BUT its not too difficult to get it licensed ^__~

Utility for windows: KO Approach

I'm coming to *hate* Windows Explorer for browsing folders and files. Especially when I just want to know what is in a zipped file or a folder. What the KO Approach does is it lets you click on a folder, keep your mouse button pressed a second and a menu (like when you right click) appears. It contains the contents of the folder and you can continue browsing this way down every single subfolder till you find what you're looking for. It is so freakin' fast!

Look at it and download here - completely *free* and perfect.

On a different note, I just bought an external hard drive since my laptop is getting totally bloated with the stuff I download. Hopefully I can get my data transferred over to the new HD, have the laptop reformatted and working like new (and faster, damnit).

Freeware programs
Opera 8.53
Free Download Manager 2
Semagic + dictionary
7 zip
RAM booster 2
Azureus & uTorrent (bittorent)
Media Player CLASSIC
Real Player alternative
Quick time alternative
Codecs: Klite Mega codec
CDisplay (comics)
Ifran View (pics viewer/batch manager)
KO Approach
Volume Logic
Latest Java and Direct X (just in case)
Acrobat Reader

Photoshop CS2

- Must install itunes and uninstall quicktime before installing Klite mega codec
- Check azureus wikipedia page for optimizing program
- save folders for opera and operaget so settings are all saved
- transfer all new fonts and brushes and gradients

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