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Switched to Sprint!

Usually, I tend to get a very basic cell phone with the minimal $40 per month charge through cingular/AT&T. This time round, I decided to switch to Sprint's SERO plan. For $30 a month along with internet and messaging and stuff - it's excellent. And using the $200+ dollars saved I got the HTC Touch phone - video, internet, music etc. just like the apple iphone except it's also GPS capable. So when I go on road trips I can activate that and never get lost again! For now google maps work just as well though XD

To top it all off, my phone number didn't change - it just got transfered to the new Sprint service - WOOT!

*does happy dance*

Tis amazing to be at HEB and checking gmail *nods*
You don't have to be an employee anymore? I could certainly use a new cell phone service.
A lot of my coworkers are drooling over the touch (Verizon, the company I work for, just got it but we can't play with it yet). Let me know how that works for you!

PDA's are also really cool for checking your flist every once in awhile. That's how I found out the new Boiling Rock Ep had gotten online. hehe. :)
Wow. That looks great. I've never activated my email/browsing stuff for my (not so smart) phone, because I was afraid I would keep checking it every five minutes ^_^
so pretty and shiny. i have a smartphone, the (formerly htc) dash. but i got it almost 2 years ago which means it's pretty boring now.
my life is signed away to tmobile currently, or i might look into this sero plan. sounds cool. i'm up for a free phone upgrade all the way in sept, so hopefully something cool and new is out by then. i def want something touch capable.
i just got an apple iphone- won it in a contest (along with a check to pay for the 2-year service plan), if you can believe it. i LOVE being able to check my email whenever i want, although i will always think that typing out messages on the thing is a pain ^_^
My younger brother works for Sprint, so I'm totally getting Sprint once I find a job. I'm going to get a sero plan as well. And I want the Palm Centro in red or pink... still can't decide on color yet lol. I already plan to keep my # from my cheap pay as you go phone too.

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