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[001] MAKANI POSTED STARGATE SG-1 ART AND IT IS AMAZING (scroll to bottom). I curse fate 'cause for some reason she doesn't care much for my favorite characters (Draco, Daniel, Toph etc.) I can totally tell Daniel is her least favorite. BUT her art is still the best thing ever ♥
What has me laughing and laughing is the outpouring of comments with Daniel!love at the DevART post. OH FANDOM, ILU. The way they say it, it's like through the series Daniel goes from semi-hawt nerdy guy to HAWT badass with a sense of humor. Ow, my sides hurt XD Yeah, he does seem to go from one cliche to another, lol. BUT STILL SO VERY SHINY!!1!

[002] And speaking of DeviantART: A Verbose Guide to Critiquing O__O

[003] Okay, anime round up. Main shows I'm watching this season are Macross Frontier, Library War, Kurenai, Junjou Romantica, Nabari No Ou, XXXHolic Kei and Soul Eater. There are some I'm unsure about but these seem to work for me. What about y'all?

[004] Has anyone used Tor to protect their privacy online? I was thinking of tryng it out...

[005] For those of you who have issues with Megaupload, maybe this will help: How to get around megaupload limits

[006] Have updated my community listing (of those super sekrit lj file sharing spots)but I'm wondering which day to make it public - on the weekend (Sat or Sun) or one of the weekdays...yes, I wonder about stupid things.
Holic Kei was one of the ones I was most happy about seeing a second season of! I'm so excited to see the rest of the manga animated again. xD

Do/Did you watch Kyou Kara Maou? If you did (or anyone else) a 3rd season started up this month!

Is Macross Frontier good? I saw your post about it the other day and thought about trying it out. =3
Yeah, I just downloaded episode 4 - Watanuki makes me lol so much haha

KKM is driving me batty because while I liked it initially, it's a series that goes on and on and on and doesn't seem to have a plot to keep me interested (plus my favorite guy is Gwendel and he never seems to get a love interest ;__;)

Oh, do check it out! I adore it but anime/manga is always an iffy thing. You can join macross_f and download the eps if you want to try it.
He's such a lovable dork xD

Yeah, I was hoping for some actual getting-togetherness from SOMEONE at least but ... meh. lol. The new season isn't too bad so far and the animation is a lot more crisp. Oh, also? The VA for Yuuri also does Misaki from Junjou Romantica. XD I thought it was amusing.

The animation looks really good (which initially got me interested). Is there a place to watch it online? Like Veoh maybe? My download rate pretty much sucks so I can't do big downloads like anime eps.
The VA for Yuuri also does Misaki from Junjou Romantica.

While I've never been all that excited about Yuuri, Misaki is ♥

I recommend doing a search on - it'll usually list the episodes on veoh et all :)
Tor looks interesting, I think I need one of those since I'm sharing a wireless connection with my parents. Although to tell you the truth I can't understand how it works. (I'm so stupid about these stuff.^^;;;) Anyways, hope you can write a review on how it works if ever you do try it out. ^_^y
Yeah, it'll really depend on how hard it is to set up - and if there's a easier alternative to it that works just as well...will post result if I do try it!
Omg I always loved Makani but now that she draws SG1 I think I'm gona marry her *G*

Also thanks a lot for the Megaupload link it probably saved my sanity while downloading more than one link *G*
Her art has a bit of the Disney charm (and I mean that as a compliment) so seeing it with Stargate makes me go \o/

I tend to use MU as my main site for uploads so I'd like to see more peeps able to use it XD
#5 is the most helpful because I always have problems with this uploader. Thanks for posting that.

With exception to Library War and Kurenai, my list is the same as yours. I'm sticking to continuing Druaga. ^o^

*runs off*

ETA: Ok, I have time ^_^ I love the sibling type relationship in Kurenai and the two leads in LIbrary War are so much fun!

I know a lot of peeps have probs with MU depending on country and connection so I hoped it would help ♥

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I'm crossing my fingers that Druaga will get exciting. The last Gonzo series I watched was Dragonaut and it ended up making me cry like a little girl due to its lameness.

It'll plenty of help and I won't have to demand people to reupload to another uploader. *hugs*
*grins* now I can get back at megaupload when it was being mean and not allowing me to download merely because of my location. Thanks :)

Well, people tend to be quieter on the weekends, so you could get more attention however I know a postings actually go down on the weekend probably because of weekend activities other than LJ (shocking I know).

That is... verbose. Very verbose.
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Never thought about it but knowing how much crap there is online...hmm, will research. Am glad I decided not to just play aroung with it yet -__-;;
Thank you so much for the link about the Megaupload limit, I am now a very happy bunny. :)

As for what I'm watching this anime season: Junjou Romantica, which is too darn cute, Vampire Knight, D.Gray-man is an ongoing thing for me and I'm giving Macross Frontier a try. Not much, still have to check out what any other ones that catch my eye.
Heh, I don't care much for Daniel, either (his Epic Tragic Romance Face makes me want to punch him in the teeth), which is why I never got into SG-1 (plus somehow Egyptian myth pseudoscience fail is so much lamer than Atlantean myth pseudoscience fail, though by all rights it shouldn't be), but Jack and Sam are totally foxy. Teal'c kind of grated on my nerves for his whole Epic Tragic Home Planet arc thing, but I've gotten over it. Plus, Ronon likes him. >_> Even if he does have greasy Snape hair now.
Aaaah, Daniel ♥
I liked him in nerdy mode more than in badass mode. I mean, think og the plant-planet episode. How could you not love Daniel? I hope she'll be turned. And you like Carson, right? ^_^
As for the online privacy thing... I keep my credit card stuff to PayPal and I keep fandom and RL separated so I don't accidentally send the latest H/D to my boss instead of the beta. Other than that, I'm not sure how much privacy I need...
[002] And speaking of DeviantART: A Verbose Guide to Critiquing O__O

I guess my [ OMG!!!!!!!That's so cute! ♥ ] isn't going to cut it anymore.