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buttfacemakani posted up many, many gorgeous sketches including one of Draco (the best is always the last pic out of the lot so scroll to the bottom, lol) - I want it as an icon so I recolored it and....voila! Now I just need to iconify it XD

ETA: All done!

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I was just looking at it today and thinking about this pic!!!!! Squeeee, cute Draco!! Such rare occurrence for Makani to draw him, she doesn't like him much. :P Awwww, I want to squeeeeze him now!!!

Gosh, I can't stop giggling...
Yeah but she doesn't really like Draco, haha, and I don't think she thinks he's cute, hehe. This is one fo the rare cute/good pics of him. Usually he mocks him! :P

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It's so cute! Kind of like those character illustrations in storybooks I used to read.
I just wanted to say that you did a fantastic job coloring it. I'm assuming you colored it using adobe or corel, and it looks like you printed it, colored it, then scanned it in. :)