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Layout concept for fall

I think it's probably been a year since I played with layouts for the heck of it without trying to make sure most people use it or customize it. So here's a design concept for fall - it WON'T be customizable and will work only in layouts at least 1024 px wide and larger. It'll also be graphic intensive. Click to zoom in and read notes:

Yeah, it's a cliche but...I'd kinda like to see something like this on blogs :) Plus I've never really shared something that includes custom images, come to think of it.
That looks really cool. I like the woodgrain effect - it sort of looks like a desktop blotter or whatever they're called. *sheepish smile* =) Would this be something you would customise and leave it as is or would whomever used it customise it on their own? *curious*

I'll be doing the graphics and it'll be as is - customization won't really b possible apart from maybe the header photo thing...

Ah, and I needed to reply to your comment a while ago about your title/about section *headdesk* will do that now XD
That's really cool tho. I like it as a blog layout - would it be for LJ tho or for any type of blog site?

*pats* That's ok - I only just got the lyrics (had to get them from somewhere else) and posted 'em a few days ago... I've changed my 'about' section already so you can just use that if you want to, tho I'd need to give you the links and stuff..

Dunno what I wanna do about the title, since I don't want to use the one I have, but I'll come up with summat. :)

i really like the ideas/concept for this. yeah it's kind of cliche but cliche just works sometimes. i can't wait to see the finished product if you decide to go with this. and love the colors.
\o/ I facepalm so many times because I'm just not innovative like certain peeps on lj (who make me go O_O and *___*) but I figured if I'm going to do something like this, might as well go crazy haha
are you kidding me? i wish i was half as innovative as you. replace you with me as the facepalmer and you as the 'certain peeps.'

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It looks really awesome. It actually looks like something on a mahogany desk. If you put the ink bottle and pen/quill at the side.
Yeah, that's what I'm going for! The texture at the back is a tile so no it should work no matter the resolution. It's definitely going to be on expressive since its the only layout with so many 'hooks' that can be used for graphics :)
That is SWEET! I really dig the wood background. I like the idea of having things stapled or pinned on the sides, but the metaphor doesn't quite fit if you're aiming for a desk. Maybe one of those cork message boards instead? Or have "polaroids" of userpics etc. scattered along the edge? (You can make it even more cliche! XD )

Inkpots for "next x entries" and "back x entries"?

Man, your designs are so sleek. I want to give hardcore customization a shot, but my css skills are amateur at best. :/
Yay! The paper and the black top part will have more natural texture in the final version though. If I go with staples or pins, I'd need to put a pencil case/pen holder at the top and a regular fountain ink pen on the side. The photo at the top would be a bit off center like it was just laid on a desk.

For the user pics there's the alternative option of clippers to hold them.Still I'm more of a romantic at heart so I'd prefer to see a quill, inkpot etc. If I were doing this for myself I'd add a pair of glasses too XD

I didn't think of inkpots for next and forward! Though I might use something else like labels or something...or shopping price tag thingies...

Thank you *hugs* Don't give up with css! It's taken me about a year and a half to get here so just keep at it and things should start to click :)
Textures! *drool* I haven't played around in Photoshop enough to figure out its filters yet, but OH MAN do I wish I knew how to handle textures.

You should totally add glasses! Or sunglasses! Or even dentures! (Okay, maybe not dentures, but you never know if some really hip octogenarian will dig your layout.)


I've tried adapting layouts to my specifications, but I never know which layers are which until I mess them up, which makes for some pretty spectacular layouts, and not in a good way. XD
Oh I love the idea. I was actually planning something similar to it but it just never worked out. And the parts you're planning on adding sound perfect. I can't wait to see the finished product. :)
Hey - you said to let you know if I found any problems with my layout. Today I followed a link to nqdonne's journal and the top third of her post was overlayed with a second set of boxes for tags etc. I tried refreshing several times but nothing happened. Any ideas?
I've noticed that when viewing other people's journals with out own style, the layout gets skewed because of their sidebar modules (month, links tags) which are not adjusted for our own layouts. As of yet, I've no idea how to fix the problem though :( It's not something that can be fixed via CSS I think...
Oooh I love the gradient and wooden background,it looks shiny and comfy. :D
Modern yet homey. *nod nod*
That looks neat...I've been looking into new layouts for my LJ and I think this one would be perfect. Can't wait to see it when it's complete.