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hd_worldcup: Tarot Prompt - Wheel of Fortune

"Several key concepts are frequently associated with the card:
  • Destiny; Fate; Superior Forces; Movement
  • Turning point; Opportunities; Possibilities
  • Development; Activity; Surprises; Expansion
  • Sudden Events; Speed; New Developments; Life Cycles "
  • - wikipedia
One more favorite to add to the list, this time from Team Canon!

The One with Girl!Draco
Serendipity -- Team EWE
While reading this fic my mind was more interested in finding out what the mystery!potion was than the H/D relationship - the interaction initially felt rather...bland? I don't know, I missed the fights and H/D sparkage that usually occurs when Harry and Draco first lay eyes on each other. The two just got comfortable a bit too fast.

And I was so sure the potion was Felix Felicis (I mean, come on, fortune prompt and a potion?) except it wasn't. This had to be the biggest WTF in the fest so far: girl!Draco. I don't know why but it massively squicked me out.

Side rant not really related to this fic actually: When I see a fic where one of the boys turns out to be a girl, the message I get is that homosexuality is so wrong that one of the guys needs to be turned into a woman for the relationship to work. I *know* that's not the author's intention but that's just the way my brain works when I see genderbending in a slash fic.

Squick aside, I was glad to see boy!Draco back and the end of the fic proved far more entertaining, especially with the smut. I would have preferred to see more background on Harry and more details about the countryside where Draco had taken up residence - it would have added a bit more depth to the fic IMO.

The One With the Soul Mate!Wand
The Wand of Destiny -- Team Fanon
Oh, I was giggling as soon as Draco told Harry what the problem was. A really fun concept - for some reason Draco's wand lets him see what Harry is doing - past, present and future.

The story balanced the mystery of the wand with the H/D pretty well. There were also these bits such as the moving library that were just, well, cool. However, characterization did seem off during several scenes. For instance, Harry being *nice* and wanting to charm Draco. I expected both boys to grumble more about being thrown into a situation like this. And I was waiting for Draco to throw things when he started experiencing Harry's thoughts and feelings. There were other things that made me facepalm, like Hermione with a soft, mystical tone >__<

Still, it's a sweet, warm and charming fic that's worth a try :)

The One With Astoria's Cursed Robes
No Fury -- Team Epilogue
This fic had the most shocking written death in the fest so far. Astoria's murder made me glad these fics weren't movies. Apart from that there were several things that were very unique in this story. Firstly, it takes place after both Hermione and Harry have divorced. So while it may be an Epilogue!fic we don't see much of the kids except for a bit of Al and Scorpius.

Other differences include Astoria and Hermione having worked as prosecutors and Blaise having become the Kingpin of the wizarding world (something that just made me cheer). Until I read it, I hadn't realized how little time Hermione had gotten in the fest's fics so far. We see a lot more of her here.

Oh and a side note - seeing Harry actually stop the press on the basis of them "impeding the investigation"? Made me go \o/ since it's something I wish we'd see more often in fanworks. Yes, down with the Prophet!

Ultimately the fic has potential but it kinda fizzles as the mystery!plot becomes secondary to the H/D. This wouldn't have been an issue if I hadn't felt the H/D to be a bit too smooth and easy. The conversation between Harry and Draco on Boxing Day for instance, had very little friction at all. Draco telling Harry he's "amazing" - and this not at all connected to sex, mind you - had me going o__O

And I really missed the interaction with kids. I've come to realize Al is The Potter Kid everyone includes since he's such a good foil to Scorp. Still, why not James or Lilly? Even Teddy gets more time than them in fics and really, you'd think James would get as much focus in an epilogue!H/D fic since he's the oldest and probably the most likely to blow a fuse.

Oh and in regards to the murder mystery...I kept wondering why it took Pansy so long to act on her resentment and rage. What stopped her earlier? And why didn't she target Scorpius immediately after killing Astoria, especially if her goal was Draco? We can chalked it up to insanity though *shrugs*

The One Where Draco Goes Shopping ♥ ♥ ♥
Perfect Day -- Team Canon
You wouldn't think Canon and originality would necessarily go hand in hand, but in the case of this fic, it does. The story takes place after the last chapter and disregards the epilogue. We have Draco, facing a rather hostile world now that the war is over and deciding on impulse to purchase Felix Felicis.

What starts out as a fabulous day of shopping, get progressively darker as Draco imbibes more and more of the potion. It's an incredible concept and works superbly with the tarot prompt. By the end of the fic things are neatly tied up, as are a number of plot threads that had been left hanging at the end of Book 7. We get to see Draco fix several issues and it all happened in events that seemed unrelated but are then connected into this tapestry of awesome. This was a fantastic read, with appearances of Zacharias Smith, Fenrir Greyback, Rita Skeeter and others and yet it's all about Draco and Harry in the end. 

The writing had me laughing at a number of moments - Greyback defeated by a peacock feather. Oh man, I'll never get over that. Then there were scenes like the one with the Resurrection Stone that added more depth to the story and gave it balance and dimensionality. The story went beyond a good read to become a brilliant read.  There are so many things to enjoy in this fic that I can't really describe it all. And the characterization and interaction was among the best IMO. This is how I LOVE my Canon!fic. You should just go ahead and read it if you haven't already.

I did not notice time passing, despite the length. And really, all I could say at the end was, MOAR NOW, PLZ.

My Top Team for Wheel of Fortune: Team Canon

Oh my god, I can't believe it - only one fic round week left!

All Tarot Prompts can be found via the fests tag.

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