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FIC REC: Original Slash & Fractured Fairytale

If you like fractured fairytales or you loved The Arc of Pendulum, you might want to check out one particular original slash fic by tygati's. Here's the blurb:
Late one night a very unusual Beast knocks on the door to an Enchantress's castle. The Enchanter, who is more than a little miffed at constantly being mistaken for a Lady, decides to help the Beast out with his problem. Chaos ensues.

Links: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 (End)

Extras: Trigger-Happy (scroll down), Tangles, Punishment (NC-17), It Followed Me Home...

If you enjoy it there's the option to buy it at Lulu as an ebook or paperback - the cover art is adorable *_*

Oh and the author's other fics can be found here

Do check it out!
The summary won me over. I only read a bit of Part 1 (as I wanted to comment first) but a Beast named Herb?! *falls into giggly fits*

I'm mem this post so I can go back later to check out the rest. Thanks so much for the recs. You are awesome. *beams*
I know, I just reread it and the opening lines had me snickering ♥

*super glomp* Always happy when we agree on the squee XD
Hahaha, yeah the characterization and the interaction and I just wanted to squish Herb - and when he turned into the auburn haired, green eyed thought went far more pervy XD It was so much fun *_*
There's only one thing wrong with this fic, and that is: I have to go study now and cannot read it immediately!!

Your journal in general is an invaluable fandom resource, I hope you know that. ♥