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Ok, umm, Iron Man? Probably the most entertaining movie of the year yet. What a way to start up the summer season *__* Fun and totally kick ass - Tony Stark is SO not a golden boy but you can't help but cheer when he blows shit up :) Could have replaced Pepper with someone else though - better yet, a guy ^__^

Aaah, let's see, movies I'm looking forward to: Batman 2 (The Dark Knight), Wall-E and Indiana Jones 4. I'm definitely NOT seeing The Hulk or Speed Racer in the cinema.


ETA: Oh yeah, while The Dark Knight is the most anticipated movie for me simply 'cause of Heath Ledger, generally I find that Marvel totally pwns DC Comics - in the same way that I prefer SHIELD (Avengers et all) to Justice League XD
I totally forgot about Wall-E! Definitely watching that. Not sure about the other movies though.

As for Speed Racer, WHY? I had such fond memories of that anime and they had to make a movie out of it. ;____;
I just got home from seeing Iron Man and promptly fell down in a fangirl squee. Ever since seeing Kiss Kiss Bang Bang my love for RDJ has been fairly large. He was so wonderful in this, I was bracing myself for disappointment, but he completely delivered.

And I agree about Pepper. I don't really knowwhat they were thinking there.
generally I find that Marvel totally pwns DC Comics - in the same way that I prefer SHIELD (Avengers et all) to Justice League XD

LOL I'm the complete opposite of you! DC has Batman, Superman, and the Flash which are all faves of mine. :D I still like a lot of Marvel characters but overall I prefer DC.

Batman is my favorite superhero ever but that's because he's totally human and still manages to kick lots of ass. ;)
i went to see Iron man today(yesterday?) and it was beyond awesome! I really didn't think i would like it as much as i did but Tony Stark(or the guy that played him) really brought the story home for he was just awesome. He was really what i would imagine a Slytherin to be like. and the graphics where bloody brilliant as well, i haven't seen graphics that good in a while.

i totally agree with you about Pepper Potts. i really didn't like her character, the actress didn't really seem to be in the role and much as everyone else...

i was actually planning on going to see the Hulk, and while i probably wouldn't break and engagement to go see Speed racer, i could see myself at the movies watching it, probably more for the fact that the teaser trailer for the next HP movies it airing other than any Speed racer interest...


I loved Tony Stark's personality, absolutely adored it. It's the main reason of why I'm thinking of downloading the movie, haha.