Goss (gossymer) wrote,


Ok, umm, Iron Man? Probably the most entertaining movie of the year yet. What a way to start up the summer season *__* Fun and totally kick ass - Tony Stark is SO not a golden boy but you can't help but cheer when he blows shit up :) Could have replaced Pepper with someone else though - better yet, a guy ^__^

Aaah, let's see, movies I'm looking forward to: Batman 2 (The Dark Knight), Wall-E and Indiana Jones 4. I'm definitely NOT seeing The Hulk or Speed Racer in the cinema.


ETA: Oh yeah, while The Dark Knight is the most anticipated movie for me simply 'cause of Heath Ledger, generally I find that Marvel totally pwns DC Comics - in the same way that I prefer SHIELD (Avengers et all) to Justice League XD

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