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Original Slash Recs: Megan Derr // maderr

If you've always been on the fence when it comes to slash/yaoi and never knew how to familiarize yourself with that particular genre, trying out original slash fic might be the way to go. There are some excellent stories online with different ratings (with barely a kiss to really detailed smut) and it's a great way to get comfortable.

When I think of original slash, my mind immediately jumps to Megan Derr's lj, maderr. She was one of the authors I discovered early on via her page and my god, she's written a lot. I adore fantasy!fic, and her fics have ninjas and pirates, dragons and lords, knights and demons, goblins and kelp. There is so much SHINY to read that I figured I could just do a mini guide of sorts to my favorites...

I'm a sucker for fractured fairytales, so her early original slash fairytales will always have a special place in my heart. If you're new to slash, rest assured that they're pretty tame. Yet, each of these stories is a lovely read that makes me all bouncy. I wish I had these growing up 'cause they're exactly what I had always wanted to read.

Main Gauche: a twist on the Cinderella tale where instead of a ball, we get a dueling tournament. Not to mention each character is named after a weapon. It's just very cool and my favorite out of her early works. I'm probably not alone in this 'cause it got a revamp recently, lol. Lots of love for this one.

More Precious Than Gold: not so much a reworking of the Rumpelstiltskin tale as it is a sequel/continuation. The Queen's son is all grown up and his mother once again needs to spin straw into gold.

The Tower: Rapunzel is still a girl, but the story focuses on certain people around her, including a former thief who helps her elope with her true love. Unfortunately the young man has to deal with the Wizard who had locked her in.

These are just a few of her early works and since then she's written a lot more - you can find them all on her website's fairytales section. These include completely original stories too:

The Ogre of the Black Mountain: The first of her original fairytales and it brings a smile to my face whenever I think of it. Bookworm Scholar!Prince meets Soldier, Prince falls in love with Soldier and then Soldier gets poisoned. Prince must get the cure which can only be found on Black Mountain. And of course, the Soldier has no idea that the Prince is in love with him XD It's just a lovely read \o/

Brightleaf: Here we have a healer named Geoffrey who gets an unexpected visit from a half goblin whose brother has been poisoned. I just love the interaction in this tale ♥

The next few fics aren't categorized as fairytales but rather as short stories - they're still fairly long though, lol. You can also tell that the author has really branched out:

Dragon Stew: The title refers to a stew that requires the flames of a dragon to cook it. A young baker is ordered by the king to prepare the item or face death. The reason for his situation? Well, read the fic to find out!

The Dragon's Treasure: This fic is funny and cute and just makes me snicker whenever I think of it. Tate is a dragon who considers a shop customer named Macklin, his "treasure". Tate is also a housekeeper and a complete neat freak XD

Quest: Macklin's brother (from the previous fic) gets his own romance. Oh and did I mention that this fic has a Demon/Griffon pairing?

Behind the Mask: PIRATE/NINJA FIC!!1! I just adore this story so damn much. Just reread it a week ago too. One of my favorite fics by maderr

Must Be Able To Use Computers: A Vampire!fic where a student is employed to catalogue the private library of a guy who seems to be a bit of a recluse.

Lantern: One very unique fic written around Halloween

The author has also created several different fantasy universes with dozens of fics in each 'verse. Some of these stories can be read as stand-alones, so I'm going to rec my favorites from them too:

Jewels of Bangkok: From the Kidnapped 'verse, this fic features twins who no one can tell apart. That is, until they bump into a certain tourist who works with jewels. Threesome!fic which puts a GIANT grin on my face whenever I read it. Plus I start giggling like mad.

Safe From All Harm: Another threesome!fic, this time with a dragon, his master and an alchemist. This fic is from the Dragon Pits 'verse but can be read as a stand alone IMO. The fic jumps right into the action and I couldn't help wanting to squish Edison who is so *flail and spazz*

Pack: Foursome!fic but as with the previous fic, it is NOT about the smut at all. The fic features a werewolf without a pack, Dragon!twins and their master. If you do want some smut there are two drabbles here and here between Tori and Kip *drools and fans self* SO. HOT.

Deceived: One of the author's Regency period fics. Lots and lots of sparkage between the two main characters, Benedict and Rae.

The Housekeeper: This is a fic from the "Vampires, Werewolves & Hunters" 'verse. Trevor is the human housekeeper for Richard (a vampire). He's totally in love with his employer, except Richard barely knows he's alive. Man, I'm already grinning - this was a lovely read.

Will be putting up a rec list of general original slash fics in the near future ^_^
- (Anonymous)
Haha, I'm sure I forgot some - halfway through writing this I was like "wait, what about that fic with the twins in Bangkok" and "Ah, foursome with the werewolf, WHERE IS IT?" Totally scatterbrained XD

The ninja/pirate idea can definitely be blamed on LJ lol. But now I can always point to it when people start arguing about who pwns who...
Great rec list! It's a crying shame Meg's stuff isn't more widely known within the slash community in general. If slash was a drink, her stories would be hot chocolate, every time. They're always sweet and warm - and maybe occasionally with added marshmallows or cinnamon or whip cream or a shot of Baileys to give them a burn - and they're perfect to curl up with right before bed. I could drink, like, a gazillion mugs.
Too much hot chocolate can make me fee queesy so they're probably like a mocha frappachino for me - but def agree on the marshmallows, whip cream and Baileys ^^

I see peeps reading slash fics and I go ;__; if they haven't read her stuff (though I've got to point out yours too in the upcoming list, lol)

I want to just copy/paste "MOAR, MOAR" whenever she posts a fic haha
Well, I suppose too much of anything can be bad for you - even oxygen! (Sometimes the need for slash is like breathing.)

Ha, I know! If I ever want to ease anyone into slash, I just point 'em M's way. But sometimes I feel like I take her frenetic writing pace for granted - if she goes more than a week between posting stories, I'm like, "WHUT WHEREZ MAH GAY LUVIN >:F!"

Then I feel like a spoiled child, who nevertheless still gets rewarded for her bad behavior.
Man, total junkie when it comes to slash :(

if she goes more than a week between posting stories, I'm like, "WHUT WHEREZ MAH GAY LUVIN >:F!"

YES, YES - we are so spoiled, my god. (Though I wouldn't want it any other way)

I love original fics, and I've just been getting into maderr's stuff. AWESOME!
Yes, I did! Now I'm treating her fics as treats; when I finish doing a particular task, I get to read one.

Awesome! Mem this post to go back to later.

Thanks again for such wonderful recs. You are such a gem of love. I can't believe I went on my merry life without you all this while.
Hee. What a coincidence - I also recommended a story by this author in my latest post, and even though you haven't included it in here, I can see several stories that I recognise and liked, despite having a different taste from yours. ;-) I agree about Behind the Mask, although I'd pick Quest as my favourite from the ones you listed.

Do you mind me linking to this post? I think that original slash is too underappreciated and we need more posts like this one.
It was your post and Megan's update of her website that got this up (since previously all her fics weren't up over there) I'm sure everyone has their own faves, but hopefully this will get them to try her stuff out and become HARDCORE FANGIRLS XD

Feel free to link - orig slash def needs pimping!


I've read all of her absolutely fantastic slash fairytales so I'm gonna have a shot at the Original slash (though I've already read some before).

My most favourite fic from her is Brightleaf :D

How awesome are her fairytales? \o/

I need to reread Brightleaf! Geoffrey and his goblin were so much fun!
Aw man, I love Amaretto's stuff. Especially her fairy tales.

Have you tried Anne Somerville? A lot of her fic is unlocked and available for free on her website, and it reminds me a bit of Amaretto's style.

And my favorite series of all time, hands down, is Ms Manna's Administration series. It's a handful of novels and a slew of short stories. Have you read them?
Anne Somerville's stuff in some cases feels too raw as down The Administration series. I'm not much into authoritarian!fics or some of the darker themes in certain poplar slash fics. I think I've always gone fantasy or contemporary (every day slash stories)

I know those stories are excellent, they just weren' my cup of tea y'know?
Oh but Dynasty of Ghosts is the one fic I adored! Remastering Jerna et all are the ones that make me run away...
You naughty girl. I'm enjoying these far too much and I should be writing. Main Gauche was perfect and I've just finished The Housekeeper. *sighs*
*Happy to take any blame XD* These fics never fail to put a smile on my face no matter what knd of day I've had :) It's all so SHINY

Dragon's Treasure is the other housekeeper fic - Tate's obsession with cleaning has me LOLing so hard haha
Oh nice! I rarely read original slash but I LOVE fairy tales. Now which one to read first...
I read all the rewrites, but it's the first time stumbling on the original fics... Thank you.

OCD dragons ftw!
Nice List
Nice list you have here! I've already read quite a few of them on here and I have to agree, wonderful stories. Thanks for making it. :) It should keep me busy for awhile.
LOVE LOVE LOVE maderr's stuff. Started reading it years ago, and still love to go back through and read some of it again. I think Main Gauche is my favorite short. It's just so incredibly sweet. Makes your heart happy.

And as for Anne Somerville, I will say that some of her stuff is too much for me as well (gets a little into bondage and the like, but I still read a lot of it and enjoyed it just slightly less than the older fantasy based.) If you're like me, the worthwhile Anne Somerville is Darshian Tales section. It's really nice, old fashioned fantasy w/ lots of interesting characters and plots. Highly recommended if you don't mind long reads!

But once again, maderr is the shit. <3 her writing.