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On the topic of concrit

Rambling and totally not organized...(yes, do ignore)

I was wondering about what y’all think about concrit – as a reader, or author or artist.

LJ feedback seems to consist primarily of short comments – even one-liners – that are all about the squee. Criticism doesn’t occur too often and usually if people don’t like something, the idea seems to be “don’t like, don’t read, don’t comment”

And then we have this idea of concrit. I don’t know why but that word seems to automatically include a drum roll and fanfare in my mind. Offering critique to improve a fic in such a way that the author is willing to take the comments into consideration. It's easy for people to deliver or take criticism the wrong way, where one party is misunderstood or feels slighted as a result. And my biggest issue personally is trying to figure out how much is objective criticism and how much is just your own personal opinion about the fanwork. What you might hate about a fic may be the exact reason other people adore it.

That brings me to another question. If a fic is a huge hit, does that make your criticisms of it any less valid?

Are we less willing to criticize stuff with a big fan following? And do you just not bother with even partial criticism because of lack of time or inability to word your opinions properly? Are you afraid that it would be misinterpreted by the author/artist and just discourage them from doing fanworks instead of actually helping them? Are you afraid of seeming too opinionated and unable to just celebrate in the fandom love?

There’s the idea that by posting publicly, authors and artists should be prepared to receive all kinds of feedback. But I wanted to know…if you do produce fanworks, do you like receiving critique or concrit? Or do you just wish people were more verbose and personal with their comments rather that leaving generic comments that could be applied to any other fanwork?

How do you give concrit? Do you tell the author what was off about their fic or the artist what was weird about their drawing? Do you tell them what you wish they had included? Do you point out the strengths of the fanwork so maybe they can focus on their strengths in future instead?

How does concrit work for you?
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