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DeviantART Favorites Collections

Never is it more obvious that I'm a media whore than when it comes to DeviantART. And now I can prove it.

This past week I transfered hundreds of favorites to my new fandom DeviantART acount. I also organized them into folder collections for easy browsing. Gorgeous art from HP to pretty boys to hillarious memes/comics to macro photography to fantasy creatues (dragons, unicorns etc)...well, there are 20+ folders of art.

I've been using DevART for frickin' years, just running around and collecting shiny pictures. I admit I printed some art in the computer labs so I could put them up on my dorm room walls. And now its all so CLEAN and just, not a mess. VICTORY!

BTW, you might need to register/log in to see certain collections (like Disney Heroes in their underwear). Also, Firefox seems to work best for browsing folder collections of art...

Check out the super shiny pics!
i didn't realize you were on devArt! me too. =P

and i have to admit that i too LOVE that series of disney heroes. omg. they are FABULOUS.
It's one of those sites I can't do without XD

In future, I'll probably buy prints and keep a private collection of them, lol
Must say, loved these, thanks for sharing. All rich with texture and mood, rather sensual. For whatever reason Death Note's Walk This Way appeals (big goofy grin).
Haha, the ones on the main favorites area are the standouts IMO - the Death Note one made me LOL so hard ^o^
You are seriously my hero for this. Now I can spend all evening looking at pretty arts.
Lol, glad you like! I just wish I could iconify my favorites...but I'm not sure how the artists would react if they found out >__>
Pretty, pretty arts and fanarts! I must say that I am truly impressed at the cosplay ones the most. Love the gummy bears and the Naruto fanart suddenly made me missed watching the series. I used to love it so.
It was through DevART that I fell in love with Cosplay photos - slumberdoll is one photographer on DA who does GORGEOUS images - the readheaded girl on my favorites page in by him/her.

Gummy bears was me laugh, wibble and go "awww" Super unique IMO

Man, I just want Sasuke and Naruto back together >_> Hmph
It's the same for me, I've been using the site for a good four years now and I love it.

I'm going to make the time and check out what you've got bookmarked, it's always fun looking at shiny, pretty art. :)
Yes, I just adore it, but I always wish I did more than lurk. Though I'm not an artists so *shrugs*

Hope you find something you like :D
I love Deviant Art's click and drag feature now. I went through your stuff and snagged some. ;) Pretties!
I just had to look and I ended up adding some of your faves to my faves lol.