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Pimping and thinking...

[001] irrevokable's latest post is hillarious - it has a list of extracts from actual letters sent to govt councils/offices. Example: "I want to complain about the farmer across the road, every morning at 6:00 am his cock wakes me up and its now getting too much for me." Oh lord ^o^

[002] Yeah, I've wanted grown up HP fic for ages, even before book 7 came out XD

[003] maderr put up a FREE book on Lulu (Lilacs) and a second book up for voting on bookhabits (Dance with the Devil). Do check them out :)

[004] lastreads' bookclub is going to have a discussion on Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer from May 15th \o/ SO. PSYCHED. You need to join the community to get in on the awesomness but its definitely worth it.

[005] On the anime front, Kurenai and Toshokan Sensou both manage to put a smile on my face with each and every new episode. The interaction in the first show is so typical of siblings and the arguments in the second series are just hysterical XD It helps that the characters are incredibly cute too, lol

[006] When I read S. Morgenstern's 'Through the Looking Glass', the WTF-ness weirdness did NOT make me think of that Buffy episode where the slayer is in a mental ward. Instead it made me think of one particular scene in Stargate SG-1:

This is a conversation between Ascended!Daniel and Teal'c who is near death and having vivid dreams (The Stargate Episode "Changeling"):

DANIEL: So you're trying to figure out which of the two lives you seem to be leading is the real one so that you can stay there or here or wherever it is you're supposed to be once and for all. But maybe the answer to that question is something you haven't even considered. Maybe neither one is real.

TEAL'C: What?

DANIEL: Think about it. If you can't distinguish between them, if the one seems equally as real as the other, maybe you don't belong in either one.

TEAL'C: Then what do I do?

DANIEL: Hang in there, just a little while longer.

[Daniel gets up and walks off.]

TEAL'C: Hey you can't leave me here like this!

DANIEL: I haven't left your side Teal'c. And I'm not going to. That's a promise.

There are multiple interpretations of the fic possible IMO, and my head just understood it that way >__>

[007] Ok, need to write the final reviews for hd_worldcup and also catch up on comments (esp those on the anon meme thread ♥)
Ok, so yea...what episode of Buffy is this? I do not recall this one and I own the whole bloody series. Does anyone know the season/ep number? Because I was like bzuh when people started comparing it to Buffy.
I was in the middle of learning French animal names and a rooster was waking me up at 3a.m. Only I didn't exactly use those terms. I was 14-15. Took me over a year to figure it out. I finally got why my friends kept on looking at me weirdly every time I said the world so loudly.
It's the one where he gives his symbiote to Bratac? (sorry about the spellings, it's been a while)