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Elections have come to LiveJournal...

FYI - Links of note:
Livejournal plans to add two users to the Advisory Board (most likely via elections) and at least one more appointed member.

We can support as MANY nominations as we want by commenting on those self nomination posts BUT will only be able to vote for three in the official end of the month poll.

So far, I voted for legomymalfoy since she's the only person I'm familiar with at the moment - I think she's now an official nominee...

Does anyone know if there's been a community created where the official nominees can talk about their opinions and discuss issues? More than speeches, I really want to read some dialogue between candidates.

Honestly, I'm unlikely to vote if I've got little to no information about most of these people. It would be awesome to have some podchats to listen to, where they discuss their thoughts >__> Or a meme with questions about issues so we can read their responses...
I'm in the same boat as you, I'm unlikely to vote even if I know who the person is, because I don't know what position they stand on various issues. Maybe a blurb on who they are?

And with LJ not involved... uh, well, consensus will be difficult to achieve on a legitimate process.