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Memory lane...

Got distracted by old Gundam Wing fanfics - am depressed that I can't find Getting to Know Me by joosetta and Rider by DSA ;__;

Might end up rereading my favorite, Dance with the Demons by Blue Soaring ♥ It reads like original slash and is just awesomesauce.

I admit GW is one of those fandoms where I NEVER watched the actual show. I just enjoyed the fanfic like hell.

Why doesn't the fandom have any classics lists though? ARGH. Will go through gwyaoirecs and hope links still work...Have a craving for some Duo!lovin' at the moment XD
You might want to try for more recs. It's not all Heero/Duo, but there are a bunch of good recs there.

I keep thinking of adding a rec section to Rapture. There are stories I like that don't fit into either Lemon or Romance categories. That would be a good way to include them (as long as I don't mind checking links all the time).

I hope you'll share some of your favorites!
Just checked the site and wow, some long recs there! Will save for the weekend :)

I would ADORE a rec section on Rapture - I just visited and was all ;_; because I was looking for something fantasy or sci fi or action based and I wasn't really zooming in on anything fast

Hey, as long as you check links once a year, you're good to go (I'm comparing with gwyaoirecs which hasn't been updated since, what, 2005/2006?)

You missed my recent spat of posts where I've been spamming everyone with recs XD Still got an original slash rec list coming...but a 1x2x1 list is so darn tempting *_*
If you haven't read Zazu's Iia Disera yet, that's a science fiction story that won second place in my last contest. For fantasy, you might want to try Becca Abbott's Dragonfell, another contest winner. I also rec Thin White Line by Fahrenheit 451 to everyone who will listen, because it's one of my favorite stories.

I'd like to do something to keep updating my site. There's been less fic to archive, so being able to make recs would help.

I'd love to see your 1x2x1 list!!!
I've read Dragonfell (which I liked, though Wildlower is my favorite from Becca), I think I did read Iia Disera but I don't really remember Thin White Line - will read it and check.

I guess I'm looking for something that feels epic, like Dance with the Demons or cute like The Chibi Problem or something more like Getting to Know Me or Teenage Dirtbag...

The recs will totally take over your life hahaha

Looking at my fanfic bookmarks, there's a scary amount of GW in there O_O Organizing them into recs might be a good thing...
I think I'm more in the mood for fantasy/sci fi or regulat joe kind of fic.

But I did read the fic when the author was posting it and it was pretty cool XD The blurb always maes me think Pretty Woman though *headdesk*

*whines* Where is all the epic fantasy fic? There's gotta be a rec list I've managed to completely miss...
I admit that have never watched the entire GW except the OVA. I got into this fandom because I stumbled across a 1x2 fic and the rest is history. I used to go to a couple of sites that had good GW fics. I can't remember what the site add is now. ;__;

Well GW is an old fandom, I guess a lot of rec lists were pre-LJ and are lost in the mists of the intarweb. But you might find some fics you'll like here.

I spent two years reading GW fic before I watched the series. Confronting fic cliches was... interesting ;)
... Not really sure if you would like this but when I saw that you were looking for fantasy Gundam fics all I could think of was this one:

Anything by Link Worshiper is rather good and can be found at:

Another site you might want to try is: