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Layout in Progress

Live preview: gingerwine + Insanejournal!

This was the Bloggish layout I had in the works for the past few months. It will work on both Insane Journal and free layouts and have custom comment pages too :) Not sure if I want to bother about LJ's navbar or plus accounts though...The main idea is to have it work on both IJ and LJ.

It'll be possible to add your own header image and change link/text colors but I don't plan to make a guide for other changes.

But like the worldcup layout, instead of "reply/edit/delete" it has images - without needing a paid account :) Just need to fix bugs and the colorscheme for now. And notice the username are above the titles!

Oh and I'm using the recent banner I did for that header contest XD

Currently entry titles are orange, links are green and lj user links in entries are blue. Not sure it works though - will experiment with colors. Also might need to make dividing lines darker...
Oh I quite like it. It's very subdued with splashes of color here and there. And I do like the header image. How did you get the colors to all flow like that? *is jealous*

Btw, I have to say I do love your layouts. Makes me almost want to get back into web design and bothering around with CSS and such. *g*
Haha, thanks! I used multiple layers and masks with gradients :) Playing around with CSS is like a black hole that just sucks you in - but the shiny is totally worth it IMO
Ahh, I see the secret. *looks around all shiftily like* I must try and see if I can do it as well and steal...erm...right...

CSS and coding and web design were my life for about four years. Gah. I miss it but I don't miss how it sucks you in (you are so right about that!). But lately I've felt this pull...I think the blackness is calling my name again...

*g* Egads, I'm running on no sleep must have some...ignore whatever made no sense. *dies*

Edited at 2008-05-07 05:36 pm (UTC)
I really like how the colours in the header are so bright and contrasting yet manage to blend together quite beautifully. Though personally I'm not too fond of the green used for the links, it seems duller than the other colours used.
*gathers layout close*

Thank goodness, here it is. I've been waiting on a perfect layout for my IJ and here it is.

ETA: When you get it ready... t'will be applied IMMEDIATELY


Edited at 2008-05-07 11:27 am (UTC)
I like the colors that you chose for this!! :) The font colors all look great with the white background! :)
I like the coloring on that. I'd like to use it when it's finished.
If you want, I just made a new post where peeps can try it out (I want to see if there are any issues with setting it up on InsaneJournal) *crosses fingers*
Yo, I like too.

Unfortunately, I just revamped my journal with a new layout that I really wanna use for quite some time, but this ooks qute tempting.

When ur done w/ it, me wanna use it too. Looks awesome=)