Goss (gossymer) wrote,

After Avatar ends, we get...

Premiering on Nickelodeon in Spring 2009, we have Wolverine & the X-Men (wiki)

ETA: There are already icons out!

The story sounds like the orginal X-Men Series but the art looks like a more stylized version of X-Men Evolution (♥). I'll be watching it for Rogue.

After watching so much anime, the dialogue in the trailer feels a bit stilted and just blah but...ROGUE! EMMA! KITTY! Yeah, oddly enough X-Men is a fandom where its all about the women for me. I definitely dig Rogue's look which is similar to these two past looks in the comics.

I'm kinda peeved that Marvels keeps using Wolverine as its cashcow to get attention. Oh and there's going to be an Iron Man cartoon too - except Tony Stark is going to be a teen. Jailbait is fun and all, but I liked him as an *adult* in the movie >_>

Though it's nice to have SOME cartoon from Marvel. X-Men Evolution kicked ass IMO and I still miss it like hell. I wish they'd continued, 'cause the future!pic in the finale made me spazz like hell...


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