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True Randomness (in Fandom form)

[001] Okay, Stargate: Continuum - is it July yet? 'Cause the early review (non spoilery), cover art and promo photos leave me so extremely psyched *\o/*

[002] Someone needs to defeat Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series the way copperbadge defeated Star Gate Atlantis. I mean, while I love the Stargate shows, the things he pointed out were kinda true, lol. And if I can watch shows I like get torn to pieces, why not books that I can't stand? Especially to put some perspective on all the batshit insane hype...

[003] Oh and speaking of Twilight - I actually watched the trailer and I have to admit, I'm not seeing Edward and Bella - I'm seeing *CEDRIC* and Bella. And now the name "Bella" also makes me think of Supernatural. Just, WTF. Though for some reason watching the trailer made me want to watch the Roswell series, especially the pilot, when Max heals Liz. Uh and I just mentioned four fandoms in one paragraph *facepalm* The mind is a scary place.

[004] ICON MAKERS: The Leaky Cauldron is launching an Icontest on May 12th. We get to play with glockgal's art!

[005] While rewatching Supernatural season 3, I realised that Casey in "Sin City" is one awesome character - I mean, in one episode she managed to make me really warm up to her, something Bella hasn't managed through the whole series.

[006] My god, one liner plot summaries for the 52 fics of Blind Go - Round 5!

[007] Updated my recs masterslist for hd_worldcup

[008] Giant SGA Rec Festival - it's times like these that I don't know whether to be excited about a fandom or scared silly. SGA might just be the blackhole!fandom.

[009] I definitely agree with rewritten when it comes to Tsubasa Chronicles - ever so glad I dropped the series early on. The latest plot twist is just one giant WTFLOLBBQ.

[010] DeviantART + Zuko = WTF I really don't know if you should click the Play button or not >__>

[011] There is only one layout currently in the works now and it'll be out next month. It'll be on the s2 style Opal (alpha version @ dude_you_fugly). I'm collaborating with literati on it - not only will there be multiple color schemes (based on that recent mockup poll) but she's going to be doing the graphics for it ♥ After that I think I'm going to focus on Expressive (and maybe Bloggish) layouts with graphics and stuff that isn't customizable (since anyone who needs that flexibility can refer to my older layouts). Instead I'll be doing more graphic intensive stuff - less like minty_peach and more like cartonage/thefulcrum (but obviously nowhere as shiny) >_
Twilight. UGH. The description of Edward was enough to turn me off. It sounded like something a besotted fangirl wrote. As for the name, I was never quite fond of 'Bella' for a girl's name. I prefer the full Isabella or Isabelle. Bella, unfortunately, rhymes with that 'ella' in that annoying Rihanna song. And it also sounds like a name for your dog. *coughs* Sorry, got carried away there.

LOL! Unfortunately, I am still following TRC manga. I don't know why I am still reading it. It's so bad that it's so addicting.

Darling, your layouts are simple, clean and I love those kinds. I look forward to the new layout. I am in need of a new layout myself.
HAHAHAHA - man, I never hated the name Bella, but those were some good reasons XD And yeah the twilight series is like a mary sue fanfic written by a tween. Oh god, the cliches kinda killed me.

See, that's like the music on the radio over here - it really sucks but then it grows on fungii >_<

♥ After the opal one, I'll ask the f-list for some opinions/ideas. That way, if there's something in particular y'all want, I'll see about getting something together :)
Thankyou! I feel I need to go on and get to making actual graphics for the layouts now that I'm comfy with the various popular styles. It's not so much figuring the code anymore as it is maniping the code to work with different graphics :)

Avatar craziness FTW

"I'm Cedric, Cedric Cullen"!


Yeah, I'd probably roll my eyes if a character was named Beautiful >_> I can safely say I'm not going to the cinema/video store for the movie. Actually someone would have to buy me a ticket and snacks and sit next to me while I shred each scene...

After that I think I'm going to focus on Expressive (and maybe Bloggish) layouts with graphics and stuff that isn't customizable

Just last night, I made the decision to do this, too. Well, I've not been posting layouts at ALL, but you know I've been pondering on it awhile, and I decided that just using the SS template I've been so successful with, and doing non-customizable graphics-based layouts would be fine. So, I'm excited to try that out and see what sort of reception I get.
I think I had this roadblock in my way where I hadn't fully understood certain styles like expressive and bloggish and I had a feeling they'd be more customizable than smoothsailing and flexible squares. Not to forget, I started out by plaring with interlinea's layouts so I wanted peeps to be able to use my layouts as bases for whatever they wanted.

On the personal front, I always found it easier to switch to another layout is I hadn't made a header, or any customizations to my current layout.

Still, making layouts customizable is a bloody pain too. It's much easier to just provide a layout as is, and 9 out of 10 times there won't be an problems. Plus, your own abilities really get showcased when you focus on what you want to do and not on what others *migh* want to do.
Re: [003] - yes! I'm not the only one? Thank goodness, I thought I was losing my already tenuous grip on sanity here.

I may never recover from the apple-red cheeks...