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REC: Homecoming


My fic commentary will be up in an hour or two, but I just want to tell y'all that this is the fic to read in the hd_worldcup. It *is* pretty long at 27,000 words but it does not change the fact that it is just perfect. I can safely say that for me it's the top fic of the entire fest. So if you don't have the time right now, put it on your To Do list. I only do single rec posts for fics that have blown me out of the water. This is Classic H/D and my mind just kept going, "yes."

Even if you don't read Epilogue fic? You need to give it a chance because it just works.

God, I love my OTP.

ETA: Oh and as scrtkpr points out, hot smut too. I have to say that while the fic doesn't try to be romantic it still manages to be exactly that. All I can ask is that y'all try it out. For me, it was a wonderful read.
Is it full of American ideas about education? The title suggests it is (we don't have homecoming in the UK) and so I stumble at the very first block in terms of wanting to read it.
Education isn't the focus of the fic - it's pretty much all about Harry and the H/D ♥ All I can say is, try it. You won't know for sure until you read it. I myself have blinkers on when it comes to Americanisms. So I can't really say either way.
I just finished it. I agree with gossymer completely. I don't think that there are any American ideas about education. Harry's marriage is on the rocks and he is invited to be a guest lecturer for two weeks at Hogwarts. The homecoming aspect of the title comes from the fact that Harry is returning to Hogwarts for the first time in 25 years. He hasn't been there since the Battle of Hogwarts and he has to face his memories of the war and lost loved ones while trying to deal with his divorce. And who better to help him than Professor Draco Malfoy? *wink* It's a really great read. One of my favorites of the fest. I hope you give it a try.
Thanks for your comments. However you've just unwittingly added to my list of reasons for not reading it! I'm not a fan of fics where they're either both Aurors or Professors. I just can't buy the premise, except in a crack fic, maybe.

Thanks though.
Maybe this might prove to be the exception to that rule though?

And both of them are not aurors/professors - Harry has a week long guest lecture, that's it. He is still an auror ultimately.

The idea of homecoming doesn't have anything to do with their professions really. In a way I think Hogwarts will probably always be the closest thing to home for Harry. It's not said in the fic but his week there felt like that.

All I can ask is that you try it out ♥

I suspect my mind is already made up. And anyway, I really should crack on with my James/Scorpius fic. I'm at 8 pages so far, but it's been a bit patchy writingwise over the last week.
Well, I see they already addressed the "not really both professors" issue, but I'd like to point out that this fic has some insanely hot sex, and lots of it. Just sayin. ;) Really, I thought this fic was awesome. If you find time, I'd give it a chance.
Problem is that with so many fics to choose from first impressions are incredibly important. I've noticed with wc in general that titles and summaries haven't been so good overall - not much to tempt me into reading a fic, you know?
I don't know why but I don't bother reading the titles/summaries for the fics - I just read them. Within the first few paragraphs I have an idea of whether it's works for me or not. And yeah, some of my favorites have had rather bad summaries >_>
Yes, well, don't judge a book by its cover, and all that. ;) I agree that I'm less likely to read a fic if the title or summary doesn't work for me, but I can't say that I've ever let one ruin the fic for me, to the point that I wouldn't try it if it had been recced. In this case, it really was the "returning to one's home" definition that I got out of this title.
Yes, well, don't judge a book by its cover, and all that. ;)

Ah, but isn't that what we all do all the time? I don't know many people who purposely read against their preferences (unless they'e masochists...)

Well, I think I make more guesses about a fic by its "cover" than anything else. But if I see a book with a bad title and eye-roll inducing illustrations on the jacket, I still might pick it up if it otherwise has good endorsements.

But seriously, not trying to convince you that life will be over if you don't read this fic. You might very well have issues with it. Just thought I'd mention that the specific concerns you mentioned shouldn't be a problem, as there is no "homecoming" celebration, and Harry is not actually a professor.
Sorry to just jump into the conversation, but I wanted to make an observation. The quote that starts the fic comes from the song "Homecoming" by Vienna Teng--so I assumed the title was a reflection of the song and not the American dance. It's a beautiful song: I've uploaded it here if you'd like to give it a listen.
It's a shame though because it'simpossible for a Brit not to read that title and automatically think of the US style homecoming.
I find that I can usually trust your favorites to be my favorites and so I skipped reading the other fics of this round (no time!) and went straight to this one. It was so, so worth the read and I am all giddy and happy over H/D again. ♥ Thank you for the rec. Glorious, beautiful fic. :D
*makes wanting gestures to it* not this weekend, unfortunately. (I am not, NOT going to submit to my mind saying that it won't take too long to read)

Monday treat!
For almost two weeks now, I've been dying to comment here and tell you how incredibly, incredibly flattered I was by this post and by your review, and how grateful I am. ♥ I'm so very glad that you enjoyed the fic, let alone that you had such an overwhelming reaction to it. I actually read your review on my phone during my lunch break from work the day after the fic was posted, and I still remember how I had this huge, dopey grin on my face in the middle of downtown, as people were streaming by giving me funny looks. ;) So, thank you for that, and for directing people toward the fic who might otherwise have given up on reading so late in the fest. :)

And, p.s., in case you haven't seen, you totally won my Guess My Fic Contest! Let me know what sort of drabble you'd like as your prize. :D
Net!phones FTW! They're total lifesavers XD

While nearly every single fic in the fest had a gimmick of some sort that set them apart, yours didn't feel that way at all. The most I can call it is a Hogwarts!fic but even that makes peeps think of H/D as kids. This was so unique and at the same time indescribable so when I tried to bring up points so why it worked so well, I couldn't. This was the fic that proved how I tend to just flail and spazz when I find a fic I love.

I was so worried that peeps would miss this because of the lateness in the fest and the burn out so I had to pimp it out extra - 'cause it was worth it. And seeing the responses made me pump my fist in the air 'cause Homecoming deserved it ♥

I'm going to reread the fic and figure out something (a missing scene or something) that I'd love to see :)

I was so worried that peeps would miss this because of the lateness in the fest and the burn out so I had to pimp it out extra - 'cause it was worth it. And seeing the responses made me pump my fist in the air 'cause Homecoming deserved it ♥

I doubt the fic would have gotten half as many responses if you hadn't called attention to it, so I'm very grateful. :) I know I wasn't the only person suffering from fic fatigue by the last couple weeks of the fest. I'm still amazed you managed to read everything!

I'm going to reread the fic and figure out something (a missing scene or something) that I'd love to see :)

YAY. I was hoping you might ask for something related to the fic. :D :D And, yes, Monday is fine. I probably wouldn't have time to write anything this weekend anyway. :)