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What have you *always* wanted?

Is there anything you really want to read when it comes to fandom fics - things you've thought about wistfully at random points in the past few years?

This is me:

AU H/D fics I want:
  • A sci-fi H/D fic - with cool gadgets and/or vehicles (like hovercrafts!)
  • A new Draco-centric fic with a focus on speaking to ghosts XD
  • New and *decent* fics which feature traveling to alternate universes
  • Some new fusion fics, that may include other fandoms or just fractured fairytales.

Some general HP fics I want to read:
  • A story where we finally see the prophet getting sued.
  • A long H/D get together fic with Harry and Draco working together long term in the ministry. - Draco might be an Unspeakable, Harry an Auror - Draco might be working with the auror dept for an indefinite peiod of time and might help with research or interogation. He works well with Harry despite their many, MANY issues.
  • Jamescorp fic - actually, any James/Scorpius fic.

So, what about y'all? And it doesn't have to be HP related at all XD
I've always wanted to read a HP crossover with Charmed. I mean, both have witches and wizards, magical creatures galore and demons. It'll be interesting to see how the sisters and their generation deal with the things in the HP world. One flicks a wand to spell something, the other needs to rhyme the words to make the spell work.

I'm sure I have plenty about what I want to read in fandom fics but I can't think of them at the top of my head for the moment.
Now would that be a fusion (where the Halliwells et all might live in America, and Hogwarts is in the UK but it's all in the same world) or a cross over where Harry, Draco et all travel to a different world where different rules of magic apply? The rhyming could be quite cracky come to think of it XD

I got to chatting about it recently and it made me realise that some things (sci-fi/ghost fics) I've wanted for a looong time - but I never really voiced them out...
Both, I suppose. I can't quite decide, TBH, because a crossover alternate world and a fusion sound so appealing. A fusion world would be the most interesting though. Both magical worlds existing but are so different from each other's. Why should be one kind of magic? There's so many cultures and countries that I am sure each place has their own type of magic and spells.

I am picturing Harry trying to write down a rhyming spell with Draco and Paige nitpicking it every single step.
Right now? I just want Maya to update. I've been trying to be patient since she's probably busy as shit, but after a day of rereading QoM and cliffhangers and hints of Dark!Harry, all I need is for her to just - throw me a bone, or something.
Well, I think she finished her book edits and seems very likely to be updating her fics. I do find it a bit sad that now whenever people think of Auror!H/D fic they think of Drop Dead Gorgeous - despite there being so many other fanfics out there.

I think my favorite from Maya will always be If You've a Ready Mind since I love AUs like hell.
Dude, there needs to be a HP/SGA D/H crossover. Draco could be a . . . a . . . botanist! because plants are not as easily pissed off when you are a bitchy jerkface as people, and Harry should be a zoologist then, who consoles himself with the fact that at least animals do more than just sit there, which is why his job is so clearly superior to Draco's, and sits there clinging to his smugness about this fact as a denial strategy about how much Draco pisses him off and turns him on, until one of Draco's plants starts eating all the animals in the labs (except they don't figure that out right away, but Harry is sure Draco has something to do with it anyway) and then they have a huge blowout fight about it and end up making out in a giant pile of carnivorous plant goo. Because they ended up shooting the plant. Because it also tried to eat Draco's face.

Uh. skoosiepants did write some HP/SGA crossovers (if you scroll down a bit) that I really love, but no H/D, alas.
I'm quite probably alone on this one. One of the stories I have for a long time wanted to read but never came across is a girl!Draco fic (involving a curse or a potion most likely). Either Harry and Draco are at the time already in relationship and both have to deal with the (temporary) girl-situation or... Harry takes notice of Draco after the curse took effect and coaxes Draco into a relationship (and after it's broken he figures Draco is the right person for him, gender non-withstanding). Basically I just want a delicious snark commentary from Draco as he deals with social and physical connotations that come with the weaker gender + I'd love to see how his parents would react to the situation.
I know it's a squick for a lot of people but for some reason the concept just intrigues me. The hd_worldcup one with a similar theme I read just grazed the topic and I want the step-by-step account of the whole situation.
About the sci-fi H/D fic, have you read Star-Crossed by Lady Bahiya? I have not read it, but seems that people like it...
or here:
Author Summary: Space...the final frontier...In the year 4437 A.E. (After Earth) Prince Draco Abraxas Lucien Malfoy of the planet kingdom Slytherin is being forced to marry the enigmatic Prince of the neighboring planet kingdom Gryffindor. He hates the fact that he has to marry someone he's never met and runs away. His father, King Lucius, sends one of the best Retrievers in the galaxy after his wayward son, to be delivered to the Prince of Gryffindor personally.
Harry Potter was the best star pilot to ever come out of Hogwarts Academy. Known to his friends and crew as Captain Evans, he was also one of His Majesty's Retrievers, a band of men and women who searched the galaxies for the lost or stolen, whether they be people or objects. The Queen sends him on a mission requested by King Malfoy of Slytherin: find and retrieve his son to be delivered to the Prince of Gryffindor for a marriage ceremony.
Once he crosses paths with the Ice Prince of Slytherin, Harry does all he can to melt his heart, and make Draco his very own at the personal cost to himself and the kingdom he serves.
Of course, things don't always go according to plan (-cue Darth Vader's Imperial March-)...
Author's Note: If you've been to my Livejournal, you've probably seen this before...I started working on it a few months ago before LiveJournal/SixApart started going insane. This was originally titled "When Love Is All We Need" and was set in the far past. But then I got the insane idea to write a space story, a la Star Wars and Spaceballs. This is me asking: What if George Lucas had written Harry Potter instead. Harry is my 'Han Solo' while Draco takes on the role of 'Princess Leia', only without the skimpy slave girl outfit and donuts on his ears (but I'm rethinking that whole slavegirl outfit idea).

- A slash fic one part of the pairing in which is a large, dim character. Say, Goyle or Dudley. There are a few written, a couple I even like, Scoradh's Draco/Goyle, The Chosen by allecto (Harry/Crabbe, written before DH). Or a het fic featuring Millicent who's written as large, dim or scary, and generally not pretty. There's a new Dudley/Millicent fic in hp_beholder. Oh, there's also a Millicent/Percy fic that I liked. And sort of Ron/Millicent that is actually H/D by Mahaliem. Btw, Millicent is my favourite (potential) het character :)

- Edgy and non-fluffy Animagus fics. There can never be enough.

- Snarry Severitus :D

- Next gen crossgen! Harry/Scorpius, Draco/Albus or James. Snape/Albus Severus!!!
I'm actually writing an H/D fic set in outer space. It's at 13 chapters at the moment, almost done, may have some typos and holes in it but I've gotten nothing but great reviews for it.
I'm depressed 'cause I totally went \o/ and then realised its a star wars fusion in a way (which is the one sci-fi fandom that just makes in run in the opposite direction) Though if its more of a general fusion with sci-fi fandoms (like star trek, BSG or stargate) it's totally going on my reading list :)