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hd_worldcup: Tarot Prompt - The World

"The World card, very aptly, represents a successful conclusion, all aspects accounted for and taken in. Simply put, this card tells the Querent that the end to a long-term project is in sight, and that it will be accompanied by well-earned praise, celebration and success. With Saturn as its ruling planet, this card can also indicate that the Querent, now an expert in their subject, is likely to become a teacher or sought-after lecturer. And, finally, on a more mundane level, the World card indicates travel, not short business trips, but long, fantastic trips. Maybe a lecture tour, book signing, or just a trip around the world. This is a wonderful card of wholeness, perfection, satisfaction and happiness." - aeclectic.net
Some of the last prompt fics also happen to be amongst the shortest...

The One With the Hogwarts Paintings
The Path to the Astronomy Tower -- Team EWE
This is one of those ficlets that needs to be re-imagined through art of a flash animation or something, because its so visual and atmospheric. The flowing language just felt artistic and I'd probably need to reread this several times to get all the nuances.

The fic has 5 scenes which occur in alternate odd years after the war - (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9). Harry and Draco are both in Hogwarts and with time we see them in a long term relationship. There were certain scenes...well the only word that comes to mind is romantic. I don't think i can really explain it.

I absolutely loved the last scene.

The One with Business in Egypt
Unity -- Team Epilogue
This is a well written travel!fic with Harry on a business trip in Egypt. It's Harry-centric but also has it's Draco!moments. Ultimately the two don't get into a relationship but you can see the possibility for one in the future rather clearly.

I loved the way the author captured the locale - it totally made me think of being back in Dubai, in the blistering heat and walking past the cafes with sheesha. I loved the observation that hot drinks cool you down the fastest in hot weather ^_^

Going back to the H/D, I liked the way the author was able to focus on the turning point in Harry and Draco's lives. There are moments in one's life where you can see things changing, where one door closes and another opens. In this case, Harry has long since divorced Ginny and has gotten a job with Worldwide Wizarding Wonks. He escapes the issues in his life by traveling every waking moment - but he can't escape the loneliness. It is at this point that he meets Draco, who has issues of his own. They bridge the gap in this story and there is all this potential for the future which left me with such a happy feeling in my heart.

The One where the Parents Get Along
Even When Things Change -- Team Canon
This fic takes place after the epilogue, by which time Scorpius and Al have become BFFs. This results in the awkward situation where parents have to learn to put aside their differences for their children and be civil.

It's nowhere as easy as it sounds. Stilted conversations and silence and awkwardness and rudeness - it's all there between Harry and Draco from the start. And even when there's a kiss (or two), Harry and Draco still don’t hook up. But it works and it’s a good Team Canon fic - 'cause 20 years after the last chapter you have Epilogue v 2.0 where you know things have changed and yet they're very much the same and the future has a lot of possibilities.

The One with Healers!H/D (Medical Romance fic)
Research and Development -- Team Fanon
Uh, from the moment Harry referred to Draco as " bloody gorgeous, shaggable and completely unattainable", I knew this was going to be Classic Fanon.

I didn't have a problem with Hermione dating Charlie though Healer!Harry will never be something I accept with open arms (it always makes me go o_O and "okaaay" for a second). I would also be more comfy with Hermione and Draco as BFFs if we knew how they got to that point. Not to mention, all-knowing!Hermione gets old pretty fast.

The thing is, if you can get past the changes in characterization and subsequent interactions, you'd probably enjoy the fic. There is pr0n to be had and a bit of a medical mystery thing going on too. We also get a bit of Snape too :) If you're in the mood for something fluffy and sweet, this just might be what you're looking for.

My Top Teams for The World: Team EWE & Team Epilogue

All done! The only thing I never mentioned is that we need to be able to have Scorpius and the Potter kids in H/D fics *without* it turning into the Al & Scorp are Friends/Lovers sub-plot. I think that's the new cliche with fics these days - and it gets old very, very fast. Umm, can we have something slightly different? Or maybe James? Please do Scorpius and James if y'all need to include the children *__*

All Tarot Prompts can be found via the fests tag.

My masterlist of recs for hd_worldcup can be found here

72 fics, over a million words and 20 fest posts later, we have come to the end of the first hd_worldcup.

If you friended me to keep up with the fics, feel free to defriend since I most likely won't be doing this again (well, maybe next year, but not anytime soon!) I hope y'all enjoyed the fanworks as much as I did and I'd like to send waves of love (and squee) over to all the participants - thank you so much guys for all the H/D lovin' ♥
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