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Confession: Inner!Me

carameltrap and I both have this in common and I was wondering about others.

Do you have an inner!you that's in your head and does these exaggerated actions when you're feeling certain emotions?

Like, visiting fandom_wank makes inner!me facepalm and headdesk. And on certain occasions inner!me ends up waving a frying pan (me + pan = Lucius + cane)

Inner!me usually mimics two anime characters: Chibi!Yukino from Kare Kano and Honey from Ouran. The icon I'm using currently is of Honey and that's inner!me whenever I see too much shiny XD
i think i know what you mean.
i don't have anime characters tho. usually little chibis that represent the different Hogwarts houses. like if i see something really cute my inner hufflepuff fangirls or when my favorite author updates my inner ravenclaw fangirls lol

Haha, yeah, I think I just identify with anime characters - though there are occasions where a bunch a fangirls start flailing and collapse...
Oh, yes, I know very well what you mean. I don't have specific characters or anything, but my inner!me is a chibi character that does all the facepalming and flailing and such. Sometimes it's the only way I can deal with things and not let the true emotions show.

Like when my manager is all blah-blah-blah and such my inner!me is asleep and drooling. *snicker*
Hahahaha YES - and then when it gets truly insanely boring, inner!me's face - which was leaning on hand *points to icon* ends up slipping and falling face first into the desk.

So if someone sees me grinning hugely and biting my lip, inner me is all \o/ and *attempting* cartwheels...
Haha!! Oh, that's so me at work when I get bored.

inner!me is a bit more coordinated than I am and can do cartwheels and skipping and such. inner!me is also very kung-fui and is always ready to kick arse, considering how peaceful I am all the time. Plus, I can't jump worth anything to save my life. :p
Yeah, inner!me is likely to pull something is she trying to kung-fu someone but she's very effective with the frying pan ^_^

The most interesting bit is probably when I'm pissed or annoyed with someone and while it doesn't really show on my face inner!me has grabbed their neck and is shaking them back and forth x_x I am so glad people can't read minds >_>
Hey, frying pans are just as effective. Probably a bit more painful actually...

Oh I do that to. There are many people I'd like to throttle in life. Another thing inner!me does a lot is throw things. Especially rocks, she really likes thrown rocks. At people's heads.

She also has the tendency to stab herself with a pencil. >_< But she's like immune to it or something. *rolls eyes*
Oh, inner!me likes rocks (you're totally giving her ideas) - not so much on the self mutilation though >_>

Still there might be a slingshot someday and pellets...
Haha, I don't need to be doing it my head. I actually facepalm and headdesk in real life. I flail a lot, too, and make weird contorted hand motions.
LOL, I usually have to stop myself from facepalming et all because my glasses totally get smudged so any actions are usualy followed by *wipe wipe wipe*

I try not to read lj or fanfic at labs 'cause I end up squeaking weirdly and making high pitched noises. No actions though expept from inner!me XD
Well I have an evil!me and a good!me (the good me is... not so good) and they sometimes make bets inside my head. Logically I know this is me creating two light and dark figures in my head. Logically I know this kind of, okay definitely crazy.

...still fun, though.
Inner!Me make sarcastic comments and has a delightful sneer and a wonderfully upper class british accent which I certainly don't have. D:

Is that bad?
I face palm in real life. And say LOL and WTF outloud (the acronyms, not the full phrases. sad, I know). Inner!me acts like Sunako from Perfect Girl Evolution, gloomy moments and moments where I just creepy people out XD
OMG, LOL. I actually do squee and flail about in RL when I find something delightful. My inner!me chokes the person who is annoying me or punts him/her into earth orbit. I do facepalm in RL but not often. People tend to stare when I do that.
Embarrassingly enough, I facepalm, headdesk, squee and flail on a daily basis - I've just never been able to manage the arm-blurring technique so beloved of Tamaki. Thankfully I have lots of understanding friends, so it's all okay, even if I knock someone's food into their lap.

(But some of my classmates probably think I'm a sandwich short of a picnic.)