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The Twilight Zone > The Twilight series

This comment made me lol SO HARD! At first I thought she was joking, but then I realised she's totally being serious *facepalm*

buttfacemakani continues to make me go \o/ - this time for her awesome Twilight posts that shred the source material XD

And did you know, in just the first book we've got 165 freaking references to Edward's beauty? That's not a random number - LINKY!

Oh and if y'all see more posts like this one, please tell me so I can start dancing, lol.
Hey, Meyer gives hope to us all. I've got 3 novel ideas I'm picking at right now, and I'm going to put a random vampire in all of them. The WWII one could REALLY benefit from that, I think.

No, wait, I've got the perfect story! It's about secret Army division in WWII whose purpose is searching out and destroying Nazi vampire nests, but the main character will accidentally fall in love with a Nazi vampire, and he will be CONFLICTED.

It's gonna be huge.

Still, I don't think Stephanie Meyer could come with something even that, uh...original? Her other book The Host, seems like a cross between the Gaould in Stargate and the movie The Invasion.

Ok most books out nowadays have recycled material - still, the quality of writing in the Twilight series does give hope to amateur writers everywhere that yes, you two can be a *published author* (glitter and sparkles included)

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Her writing is seriously horrific. I roleplay with better writers on a daily basis. But I have to blame her editor as much, if not more than Meyer. Who the fuck lets that crap pass?
I think that we can all agree that fandom has peeps who can write just as well (if not far better) than published authors of today XD

If Meyer did have an editor, I'd hate to see the first draft of Twilight *shudder*

I'm currently reading the comments to this article - I can't seem to stop cringing.

As Esther says above, Twilight is not for only teen girls. I myself know mothers, and even teen boys reading the novels.


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"Hey, Meyer gives hope to us all. I've got 3 novel ideas I'm picking at right now, and I'm going to put a random vampire in all of them. The WWII one could REALLY benefit from that, I think."

This whole paragraph almost made me spurt juice out through my nose. It was pretty spectacular.

By the way, hello! How are you? I'm not a creepy stalker type, just an amused internet hovering type.

Twilight bashing gives me an unhealthy amount of joy. I'm 4 pages into the the pdf version of the first book (not worth spending money on, sorry) and already my sides hurt from laughing. I'm pretty sure Stephanie Meyer doesn't even know what half the adjectives she uses mean. I... can't believe this is actually published fiction. I've read Harry/Ginny fics on that are better than this nonsense. I'll definitely be posting a lengthy rant review once I'm finished (if I can even stomach the 165 references to Edward's beauty and make it to the end of the book).

Like other people said, the saddest part is that teenage girls are eating this garbage up. It's times like these that I hate my demographic :(
I love the last link you gave. She gives a well thought-out critique of the book without sounding like she's bashing it. Kudos.

I am remembering why I put that book back on the shelf after I read the summary on the back cover. A fanfic reads much better than this drivel. Someone tell her to stop writing. Just stop.
The thing is, even with all the bashing, what most of the posts say is still true It just baffles me that the hype could be this big. Hopefully it'll go the way of other fads.

Though I think what really pisses me off is when the fangirls start ranting about others comparing Twilight to Harry Potter and how Twilight is so going to beat HP *rolls eyes*. Yeah, right.

Unfortunately I think she started a second series already and she's planning on writing a mirror book of Twilight from Edward's POV. Oh, the horror

Because it has a sparkly vampire who is just so gorgeous it turns the Sue into a blithering, clumsy idiot? I dunno. The entire thing just sounds so fanfic-ish but there are better fanfics than this. Bella's clumsiness cannot compare to CCS Sakura's or TOS Colette's clumsiness. Now those two's clumsiness were cute.

I highly doubt it'll go away anytime soon since the movie is coming out.

Riiight. Those rabid fans should just keep on dreaming. As if it can beat such an insanely huge and well loved fandom. *sniffs*

Ms Meyer should spare the rest of us sane people the horror.
I still think pokeurizout's entire journal is some sort of - huge elaborate prank, or something. No one over the age of thirteen could possibly be that brainless.
i have to admit to being a fan of the books.

im only a fan because i like vampires and someone im crushing on gave me the books and decided he decided that as a fan of books i have to love Twilight so we could date...

so i sold my soul for a date! i admit it!

...what are we talking about?

as i was saying...
Im not sure how this series go so popular. my thoughts are that with the whole Harry Potter let in some of the fans minds, they pulled a Barty Crouch and lost there minds! (i think acouple of them have been turned into bones as well...)

i can honoestly say that id rather be forced to read random FFN fics than Twilight repeatedly.

The book is literally "Inside the Mind of Mary-Sue; The Untold Story"

Thx for posting this, i havent had anyone to rant to about this in ages
(i will be going to see the movie, if only to get my foxy love interest to pay my way to the wankathon i know its gonna be..)

Oh my God, do you mind if I steal some of those links? With credit. There are definitely people on the old flist who'd love them.

165 times in a 428 page book? I feel like I should almost respect her because I think that takes genuine skill. :P
Feel free XD

Skill or not - I still can't believe I spent an hour or two reading the book a while back :(
Like a few others have pointed out, if Meyer and her painfully bad novels can make the top ten best seller list, then there's hope for me yet. :D

I've never in fact read the books, had the ebooks sitting on my HD for a long while but just reading the blurb put me off.

Also, these days, vampires are way to over rated. And while theres no such thing as an original story anymore, there are still so many original ways that a story like Twilight can be written, Meyer didn't do that, she needs to stop before my poor brain breaks. *sobs*
I am scratching my head at the person who made that comment b/c in her last comment, where does she get off bring Faulkner into this? I...can't even finish that thought. I mean, I've read Twilight and the sequels (I was into them for some reason in 2006 until rereading them and going, "Hey...these are actually not that great"), and sure I'm going to go see the movie when it comes out, but for me, it's crack now. Very...strange crack. Meyer's writing is not the greatest.

That last link cracked me up.
Oh gods, and to think someone actually told me to read this book. O_o My respect for them has just decreased dramatically.
Wow, I never knew the hype was this BIG O_O
I actually like Twilight (don't hit me just yet), but I totally enjoy reading posts like these XD They bring up good points, I must say.
But it also makes me concerned, because I actually never noticed that Meyer's writing was that bad, so does that make me stupid? o_o No wait, it could just be because I'm Swedish (at least I have an excuse XD).