Goss (gossymer) wrote,

O_O Fic for me? \o/

[001] carameltrap pointed out that there's going to be a live action movie of Robotech/Macross - the thing is, this is not a Japanese production. Warner Brothers bought the rights. That's right, a movie ala hollywood. Whether it turns out awesome or incredibly cheesy, at least we'll get some amazing visual effects *_*

[002] I uploaded the latest episodes of both Macross Frontier and Junjou Romantica and they're at anime_downloads if anyone's interested.

[003] After seeing the awesome username!icons lidi made, I had to request one too - and she was super enough to oblige ♥

[004] Logging onto LJ was WONDERFUL today, since the first thing I saw was that megyal had written me fairytale!H/D - THANK YOU SO MUCH *SUPER GLOMP* - will now head over and read XD

[005] Oh and nearly forgot - wanted to ask y'all one thing for a while now. What are the most notorious comms/ljs on livejournal and the clones? I know fandom_wank is one and so is ohnotheydidnt. bad_penny was famous in the HP fandom for some time, but I'm talking about general public notoriety...

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