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VOIP help

Just spent the past few hours trying to figure this out and it's a longshot but...

I need some help - my parents live in Dubai (Middle East) and they recently started using JustVoip for their calling needs (to USA, Australia, Canada and India). While the local ISP's proxy blocked the site, the program they used let them make calls anyway.

The only catch was that I had to charge the account. Previously, this was alright since paypal was accepted. Now however, it isn't. The only other viable option is sending money to Betamax (in Germany) via Western Union (which costs $15 each time). I don't trust the company either since you can google them and find that they have a really shoddy reputation.

So, does anyone know of decent VOIP sites that can be paid for online (via paypal or moneybookers) and *works* in Dubai? I'm going to try BopCall and CallCentric tomorrow after I verify my moneybookers account.

I just feel there's gotta be something better and easier than justvoip out there - and something that Etisalaat doesn't block.
I can ask hubby later on (it's like...5am here) if you want. He's big into VOIP stuff (he considered starting up a business doing that sort of thing) and I know he has an account with someone or other. I'll ask him who it is and what sort of deal it is for you. I'm sure he knows how to look up what works where and how etc. as well.

(I'll let ya know what he says later... <3)

That'd be awesome - the problem with most VOIPs is that if they're directly on the web, chances are Etisalaat blocks them - if there's a program to download though, I can always charge it and my parents can use the desktop application instead.

*keeps fingers crossed*
I don't know if you've found anything, but I'll make sure to ask my dad in the morning what he recommends. I know he uses something at work and something else at home for when we speak with the family overseas. I'll give him a call bright and early (meaning whenever I wake up :P).
Have you tried Shellvoip? My relatives from China occasionally use it to call me. It's free of charge, too.
Bopcall in UAE
i am on bopcall - The service is good - sound quality N support is good aswell. But bopcall has been blocked in UAE for PC calls - now i am using the callback. I spoke to jeff in bopcall support he says they are working on a solution for UAE-
Re: Bopcall in UAE
Thank you so much for the response! Do have one questions though: do you need special equipment to use callback?
We use Skype at work and it's free unless you want to call a land line or cell phone. You can also chat on it.
Unfortunately, the connection for Skype has never been that good for my parents - and all the calls are to landlines...
the web call bck i use is simple. you enter your login info N then your number N number u want 2 call. so basically u r speaking from a landline or mobile not from head set.