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Fiction/Art & Your Pet Peeves

calanthe_fics' poll reminded me of certain...issues I have with characters. And it made me wonder what other peeps might also hate.

So, what are your pet peeves when it comes to fanworks? Or even original works?

Characterization or writing style or the way a ship is potrayed. Feel free to post anon since IP logging is off. And it doesn't have to be just the HP fandom either.

All I'm going to say is try not to give examples by naming individuals >_>
Where do I start. @.@ Since I mainly write and read Japanese-based fanfics (anime, manga, drama, etc.), it'll be...yeah. A lot of it can be applied to original works too, I think.

1. Totally OOC characters.

2. Random Japanese (or other language) inserted here and there to make you look 'cool'. It just makes you look like poser. (yes, I was guilty of this way back when but I learned fast...)

3. Inconsistency thru the whole story, whether short or long. There shouldn't be anything stopping you from reading over your story as you go to make sure you don't contradict yourself.

4. Spelling and grammar issues. How hard is it to get a spell-checker. Or even a grammar checker? Spelling and grammar are HUGE peeves of mine. I know not everyone is a native English speaker but there are things to help, so there's no excuse for poorly executed fics due to language. (imho) If you can speak/write English well enough to converse with someone and make posts on LJ, then you can use spelling and grammar checkers.

5. Bashing pairings in a story. You should be able to present your preferred/chosen pairing without having to resort to pairing-bashing in your fic. That's just lame and childish.

6. Badly done smut. If you're going to have smut in your stories, at least research it a little (if you have no actual experience yourself) so you have them doing things that are actually physically possible. I've lost count of how many times I've seen fics with things that I'm left going 'that does NOT go there like that'.

7. Overly flowery descriptions for sex. (aka purple prose) Just tell it like it is once in a while. It can't be that hard.

I'm sure there's more but this is just off the top of my head.

(*chuckles* reading this over makes me sound like some elitist bitch. *sheepish* Sorry....I don't mean to be...I'm just very opinionated in what I like and dislike in stories and that includes my own)

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1. HELL YES. Though all fanfiction can be labelled AU and characterization therefore OOC...there are still fics where I can't believe the characters at all

2. Ah - I still remember those anime fanfics with the word "kawaii!" thrown in once a chapter *headdesk* I'm guessing peeps don't do it quite as badly but...

3. I think that's something a lot of peeps have issue with especially with chaptered fics.

4. I don't see that so much as an issue for authors as it is about the betas/editors but YES.

5. I have to admit that some pairings just feel incredibly easy to ridicule. And sometimes, when everyone's going crazy over a ship (and you're in the opposite camp) there's a sadistic sort of thrill to see the characters/pairing shredded. Mindless bashing can grate though...


8. Sometimes I actually want pr0n instead of fanfic smut 'cause everything so romanticized that it doesn't feel real. Say what you will about generic porn - it at least gets to the point >_>

...When a character is so absolutely damn beautiful but doesn't realise it, comes from an intensely troubled past, but still manages to grow up well adjusted, modest, humble, kind and just so damn perfect I want to puke my guts out and everybody wants them. No, not for their body, but for their heart. Harry Potter does not count. Seekretly, we all know he is as screwed up as we think he is.
I see characters like that and all I want to see is those pretty peeps getting run through the wringer - they don't feel real so until they're in emotion/physical/mental pain, they leave me cold.

(While the last book tries to prove otherwise, Harry's definitely got issues XD)
When two men sit down and "talk about their relationship".... I have to say, I have a hard time buying that one. :)
Well, I do think men do talk about their relationship if things get really bad - but in some cases, when those characters start wazing poetic? Yeah, I just don't quite accept it
Random villain. You read a mystery/detective fic and somehow it's Neville/ Cho/ Colin / Hermione/ Dumbledore / Ron who is the mass murderer/ poisoner etc. Usually with a reason for a perfectly OK character for going nuts explained in two lines. Gah.
My current pet eyeroll is fics where H/D get together through their sons (who are great friends and also dating). It was fun at first... but I await a fic that actually deals with the fact that the sons are going to be immensely squicked out by the fact that their dads are shagging – and that, if H/D married/bonded/whatever, they'd technically be brothers…
Yeah, at most I expect AS/S to not bother much - but to be *happy* Umm, wow, they're definitely better guys that most peeps.

Maybe I'd buy it if they weren't in school but...

The BFFs/Lovers thing now causes automatic cringing *sigh*
*squeaks about the AS/S and laughs* Damn, I feel guilty now! O_o

Randomly (because this sort of relates to the HP fandom), I can't stand to read the yaoi novels being translated to English by companies like DMP. I usually like the mangas okay but I can't stand to even read the novel stuff. Reads like horribly done fanfiction, complete with overly effeminate men and flowery prose. And the relationship dynamics is usually very imbalanced as well.

I've been spoiled by the fantastic writing in a lot of HD fanfics. XD
For some reason, my mind totally exempts you of any negativity 'cause your stuff in general IS sparkly - so the AS/S shouldn't be an exception XD

Though I was kinda shocked by the number of authors that gravitated to it as side pairing to H/D O_O

The thing is, I'd LOVE to read yaoi novels in English - but if its done badly, you never look at the original author the same way again - even if those weren't their exact words, its still their story so peeps might never read their works again.

I have this feeling that if more peeps were serious about getting published, they would well be on their way. Especially if stuff like Twilight is on bestseller lists >_>
- In HP fandom, I hate when Ginny is portrayed as a whiny bitch in post-DH fics. She's not one of my favorite characters, but I don't hate her either and when I read fics where she's portrayed that way, without adequate explanation as to why, it makes me cringe.

- As someone above mentioned, overly flowery descriptions of sex. It annoys me when things are too romanticized.

- When characters are too OOC. I remember reading a fic where Harry kept saying "yo" and I just can't imagine him saying that.

Hmm when it comes to fanart I really really dislike butterfly brushes. Or when someone makes a collage and then puts some brushes in it that have nothing to do with the over all theme (like mathematical formulas in combination with said butterfly brushes when it describes romantic Kate/Jack from lost). It just screams "I had to put it there because there was too much unused room..."

For fanfic, I really hate it when someone is described as perfectly perfect and all around perfect. Thats not possible!. Or when the bad guy jumps you and you never even got a hint that you should look out for him. I think that writers think that it's a good plot twist but if you write it you should have a very good explanation why he freaked out and killed 23 people with a spoon.
Also I love long fics, but dislike it when the main characters have sex in 89% of the 20 chapters. Thats a pwp and should be labeld that way.

*sigh* I never thought I would find so much *G*
1. Lack of tension in the plot, especially if it's H/D. I actually don't mind when homosexuality is accepted by everyone without a word of protest, but the reason WHY most people love H/D is because they've got such a lovely, tense relationship. If they're chummy right off the bat, the pairing loses all its appeal, at least to me.

2. Sex scenes that sound like they're straight out of a trashy romance novel. I mean... I have difficulty writing sex, and I tend to slip into ridiculous phrases every once in a while, but a lot of people just don't know when to STOP. When 80% of a fic is really graphic, emotionally void sex, it's more of a turn-off than a turn-on. Needless to say, I don't like PWP.

3. BFF!AS/S needs to die. I wrote it once and am now ashamed of myself. Sure, it's a nice concept, but honestly, there are only so many ways you can do it. Chances are that they WON'T be best friends, so why has most of fandom accepted that they will?

4. Actually, come to think of it, most of the people above said things I agree with, so I'll just reply to their comments instead of being repetitive.
One of my recent issues is with with 'plot shortcuts' as I call them. You have pages and pages of development towards the big scene and then it's all fixed in an instant because of one convenient detail that wasn't even hinted at.
Let's see...

With HP fics...I love reading Father!Snape fics or H/D fics, but when the only way that the author can find to justify Harry's turning to Draco or Snape for emotional support is to make Hermione and Ron totally abandon him/act like asshats/do completely OOC crap...I can't read 'em. I absolutely loathe it when they villainize Sirius or Remus too. There are other ways to create romance or emotional bonds without having to make all the people that Harry has canon friendships and relationships with in the books, villains. In fanfic, your secondary characters are not plot devices. People already have established ideas of who these secondary characters are, what their backgrounds are and how they'll react in certain situations. You can't just chuck it all out the window in the name of plot twists and isolating your main character so that he'll forge the emotional connections you want him to. It is poor characterization and it irks me to no end. It's the fastest way to make me stop reading.

With original...I like characters with flaws. You can only read about the social outcast, but incredibly beautiful emo kid so many times before you get bored senseless. Not to mention that the more perfect they are in appearance, the less likely you are to buy that they are 1) a social outcast and 2) have actual reason to angst as much as they do.
I posted my own list of pet peeves here a while ago, and plenty of others shared theirs in the comment section :)
Um, well since my main fandom is Naruto it drives me nuts when they turn Naruto into a weepy, emo, crybaby. I mean. The fact that makes him what he is, is that he doesn't let all the bad stuff get him down. He brushes it off and moves on fairly quickly but. Making him angst and all "waaaah, it's so unfair~" is not him at all. It's just kind of weird.

Other things that drive me nuts is making a character like super duper awesome, like so much that they're so much stronger and cooler than everyone else. I've read fic where Sakura is a hunter-nin and while I think she's really awesome, I don't think she'd ever have the capabilities for that. Hell, I don't think half the characters in Naruto have the capabilities for that. I guess I could maybe see Sasuke doing it but then again, he only really wanted to kill one person in particular, so. Maybe not. Hm.

Also? I hate hate hate cute nicknames in fic, especially when they aren't canon. Like 'koi' (for koibito, I think...) or 'love' or god, I even saw someone calling Iruka 'Iru-kun' and what? That makes no sense. Especially in a fandom like Naruto where the characters are all ninja and are tough to the bone or whatever. They wouldn't go around calling each other lovey dovey nicknames.

Uh, there are other things that now I can't remember. Damn. LOL I'll come back when I remember? XD
Japenglish used. Like 'nakama' when 'friends' can do just as well. Mind you, I have been guilty of inserting Japanese words in fics but only when the English words can't express that particular word.

Character bashings. I really hate it when people write a fic just to bash that character or a pairing.

I think I have more but I can't quite recall any at the moment.