Goss (gossymer) wrote,

KDrama + Car Drama (ok, not really)

[001] Found a fabulous new korean drama: Powerful Opponents aka Kang Jeok Deul. For a far eastern drama it surprisingly does NOT include over the top acting and is entertaining without being silly. I really enjoyed the first four episodes - each being an hour long ♥.

[002] Guys, thanks for the help with the VOIP. My dad is using the Callback option on BopCall.com and its awesome - I mean, calling India for $3.5 an HOUR? And only a dollar an hour for USA/Canada/Australia et all. All this on a regular ol' phone :)

[003] I switched from progressive to AAA for car insurance and am saving $400 for the year! AND I get the AAA membership too :) The higher costs at other places was 'cause they counted both traffic violations last March where I slowed (but did not come to a complete stop) at a stop sign and failed to signal. Never mind that I lived a block away. The cop literally followed me home ;__;

AAA was awesome enough to count them as just one violation which got me the lower rate. My sis also made the switch a few weeks back.

[004] ANGRY TWILIGHT FANS + snarky commentary about their fannish defenses - shinga kicks so much ass XD

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