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Hailstorm. Am safe. Window shattered. Glass all over bed. Power still gone. No light outside except for cars on I-35. Have lit tea lights. Will sleep on sofa. Typing on mobile. Only thing still working.
ooh Goss! I'm glad you're all right, and hope the storm damage isn't too extensive or expensive!
Oh no!hope you're well if lacking in creature comforts. Let us know when you're back to normal.
Hope everything will be okay realy soon, hun! Take care and lots of *hugs*.
Hail? Holy pooper. Incredible how in this day and age weather still pawns, well, everything. Hope the power is back on by now and that you stay well and safe from the elements. ♥
I'm so glad YOU'RE okay. I'm sorry you had to deal with all of that, though. You'll be okay, sugar. ♥