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Situation: normal

Yesterday was incredibly noisy as they started to saw the tree that had fallen. All that's left is the trunk and leaves *everywhere*. Was hard to sleep since I do live somewhat close to I-35 and the window would usually mute the noise. Without it, my god - very little sleep and that's considering I was exhausted already and I normally sleep like a log anyway.

Still, I went and watched Prince Caspian today and when I came back, they'd put in a new window \o/ I had also gone and gotten a new bedcover + pillow covers for the bed :)

In regards to the movie, all I can say is I love Edmund, I can't wait for the Voyage of the Dawn Treader where he and Lucy are the main peeps and...I still ship Peter/Edmund >_> I was totally pumping my fist in the air whenever they had their moments on screen.

Oh and how many of y'all played Elastic growing up? it's also known as Chinese Jump Rope. furiosity talked about it in her latest post and I spazzed out about it over here. OH CHILDHOOD ♥
Eeh, elastic! Good times. Don't children play it anymore? If not they're seriously missing out on something great. Oh, and did you do that game where everyone would form a circle with the elastic around their ankles/knees/etc. and then one of the players would say something along the lines of, "who has a crush on [insert name of boy here]" and everyone jumped out of the elastic as fast as they could and the person who'd get stuck in there would be the one with the crush? Oh the silliness. :)
It dissappeared around the time I got to highschool level (though our school had the elevator system so I got to see kids get far more violent with time once elastic disappeared ;_;)

We never did that one but we did have one where people (minus one) would join hands and get all mixed up (under arms, over legs,twist) and then the person would have to sort them out - it was hysterically funny when peeps were moved in the wrong direction XD
We played it fanatically, for hours on end. It was one of my most favourite childhood games :)

I wonder when I find time to watch Narnia 2. I want to.

Sorry to hear about the destruction but am glad you are alright!
YES - spent years on it! Though I don't think I had boobs at all so before puberty or not too long into it - no bounciness that way XD

Maybe download it otherwise once the dvd-rip version is out? Man, so much shiny coming out, what with Indiana Jones next week and Wall-E and Batman 2 (The Dark Knight)...

It's weird 'cause yesterday feels like a day out of time - 48 hours later and apart from road work and random tree trunks, things are pretty much back to normal again :)

Y'know what's creepy? I was on your lj post on wanks when you commented XD
Oh, I'm not ready to deal with that yet :) I'm stupid and I know I shouldn't post anything that will attract comments at the end of our mag layout week 'cos I barely have time to eat, let alone answer comments. It's 8 a.m. and I just came from work, having started at 1 p.m. yesterday. So why oh why did I post yesterday? Couldn't I wait a day or two? Although I did manage to read all comments. Some good food for thought there!

Off to bed I go.

And yes, boobs would be distinctly bothersome now, for "resinochka". And bums, and smoking a pack a day :/
Wait, that sounds familiar but I don't remember if it was the same game I used to play as the Wiki description was too confusing. @_@ I do remember playing a game of jump rope using elastic bands tied together. The more bands and the more longer it is, the better.


I'll only be able to watch it tomorrow.
Yep, fifth grade recess was all about the Chinese Jump Rope. And I think we used the same elastic indoors to play cat's cradle.
Skandar grew up to be very, very pretty, didn't he? *stares*


*waits impatiently*
So glad to hear that Prince Caspian was everything that you wanted it to be :D I personally can't wait to see it!
*raises hand* I sucked at it once it got too high. There were some bruising and definitely scrapes involved.

Narnia!! Adds to list of must-see.
I loved Chinese jump rope and cats cradle as a kid!!! I confess that on long car rides (if I encounter a piece of yarn or something) I play:)

It makes me sad that a lot of kids I meet nowadays don't' play!