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Layout in need of testing...

Guys, could y'all tell me if the layout @ festive_hols loads alright?

What the layout is supposed to do:
  • work in resolutions at least 1024px wide
  • side header will CHANGE every time you refresh the page.(ETA: ok, not everytime - sometimes XD)
  • includes a stripped down navstrip at the top (without extra unneeded crap)
  • has three columns
  • linkbar icons
  • usernames above entries
  • logo in sidebar
  • tags in a scroll box

If anything looks off/wrong, I'd like to fix it before it goes live. Y'all are probably sick of being my testers but *puppy dog eyes* please?
I don't think it changes every time - especially since there are only two other image options at the moment XD It took me three refreshes to get a different pic...
I have ff and all your criteria is as you say it should be.

Looks really good!
I guess I'm ok with it changing once in a while as long as it does change at some point, lol
I have Firefox; Opera; and Safari

The layout itself looked fine for me when the page is its original size.
The only possible bug is that side header.
On Firefox it only switched between "Stud Muffin" and "Christmas Kiss"
On both Safari and Opera it starts with "Sexy Draco" and then switches to "Christmas Kiss" but gets stucks there.

Oh and I didn't see any usernames above the icons.
Hope that helped
The switching won't occur constantly and I'm guessing at some point the browser will refer to the images in the cache rather than getting a new one from the site.

Usernames aren't supposed to be above the icons but above the entry titles - do you see them?
I have no way of telling you this in technical terms because I am a the blind bat of tech, but I'll tell you that the lines on both sides look wonky. They don't go all the way down, but break off at the middle.
It looks great!

I refreshed 4 timesand the comm refreshed 3 of those times, with the sidebar pic changing back and forth between 2 pics. I'm not sure if the pic is fixed to the top post or meant to scroll down with you? It remained fixed for me.

I have to admit I haven't done anything on your fic for a few days. I'm poorly again with what I had before except there are now some other complications. I'm not feeling so great to be honest, but I WILL finish it.

Yeah the image doesn't always change and at the moment there are three images by sherant, naadi and red_rahl. I've left it tacked on at the top so people can focus on the text when they go down...

That's no problem - I'd rather just see you back on your feet again :( Am praying for you - man it's kinda freaky ow many people have gotten medical issues or have frickin' *died* this year. *shudders*

You can post the fic next year and I still will be running around flailing XD So get well first! *hugs*
Everything appears to be displaying perfectly here at a res of 1600x1200 and using FireFox 3.0 beta.

The side banner header did change, but I had to refresh twice :p.

Iii like it, too.
Haha, I think everyone had to do multiple refreshes to see a change XD

Thanks for the FB!
It works fine on a 1280x800 screen running FireFox

Are you going to make the cleaned code for this layout public? It's gorgeous in its simplicity.
Yeah, that's the plan - and peeps can add a sideheader or not, its up to them.

This is more along the lines of what I've got planned for the fall actually >_> But I guess this will be a summer release?
Fire Fox and Internet Explorer 7
Okay in firefox when your on the public view (without logging in) nothing shows up. Its all white and bland, just links and writing. When I logged in everything looked absolutely fine.

In internet explorer 7 there was no tag scroll bar but otherwise everthing was fine both logged on and logged off.

Hope this helps
Re: Fire Fox and Internet Explorer 7
SRSLY? I looked at it without logging in and it had seemed fine - hmm, will check. Will also make sure about the tag scroll box - thanks so much for ponting it out!
I'm using Explorer so everything looks all right. The side header changes when I refreshed it; I've been amusing myself with looking at all the images of H/D. :3
Awesomesauce :) I worried that the images would go out of alignment or something but it seems to be okay!
I had tested it, but forgot to comment. Looks fine to me and I'm using Firefox with 1024x768px... I think. Yeah, I'm right.
Yay! Though I just changed the way the sideheaders are displayed (fixed no matter how much one scrolls) - in a similar way to yours actually XD
i'm at 1024 res in firefox 2, and the right side header is cut off. i only see about 50px of it. i see that no one else mentioned this, so it could possibly just be my computer, it's extra wonky w certain things for no reason.
It looks fine to me! I'm using the most recent version of IE with a screen res. of 1280x800. :)