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Layout: S2 Bloggish - Celebration

Style: S2 Bloggish (works on Insane Journal, JournalFen and Livejournal!)
Best view: minimum of 1024px wide
Browsers Tested On: Latest versions of IE, Opera and Firefox only
Custom Comment Pages: Yes
Navbar: Yes

Layout : Celebration

Live Preview @ LiveJournal or InsaneJournal!
Live Preview with fixed sideheader: hd_holidays

  • Insane Journal, JournalFen and Live Journal compatible
  • Perfectly centralized entries
  • Three Column Design
  • Usernames above entry titles for easy reading
  • Will work on free layouts
  • Custom comment pages included
  • Images for the Linkbar included! (Reply/Edit/Track etc.)
  • Tags in scrollbox
  • With or without navstrip
  • You can also add a sideheader or change the link colors and entry title colors :)

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♥ ♥ When it comes to the flist, your lj is one of the minority that always looks gorgeous (whethe you customize it or you pick a pretty one, your taste is lovely) so your comment made me totally go \o/
I just installed this layout - it's just gorgeous. I love readable, clear layouts like this!

Also, thank you for making this so extremely easy to install!
I love that I'm replacing my IJ layout of one of yours I just put up with...another one of yours. :-D I like this one a lot! Thanks so much for allowing our IJs to actually look pretty. :D
LOL, the only reason I'm using Bloggish is 'cause its the closest thing to Expressive that works in Insane journal, Journal Fen et all. I hate loading up the LJ clones because there are so few layout options available. Hopefully this will provide more choices for peeps :)
I really like this one, hon. The colors are very soothing. And thanks for giving instructions for both LJ and IJ. :D
This is a gorgeous layout. I really like it and will probably install it shortly on my IJ. Now I just have to see if I can find a side header to add to it, though the basic one you have set up is lovely, too.
using this over at ohsnape :)
it was fun making little customizations for it~
thank you for sharing this~!
I would love to use this layout over at insanejournal and credit you. :) I do have a quick question though.

How did you get that image (the one that says HD holidays) set up on the left? I'd love to put something there like you did instead of a lengthy thing on the right side.
I'm using the layout and have credited you (though I'll be doing some customizations to it when I have time). I found your journal through this layout on a community, and I have to say that you do some of the nicest stylesheets I've seen. Thank you for making them available to the public!