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*drum roll*

[001] Having finally posted 10 layouts at freelayouts, I now have my own tag: {layouts by} gossymer. Wow and it only took me, what? A YEAR? *headdesk* Oh, to be more productive like the owner of a certain comm (coughcoughthefulcrumcoughcough) Did y'all realize that it's about to hit 50 LAYOUTS? OMFG. Now that is impressive.

[002] In future, I think most of my graphic intensive layouts (like the mockup of the desktop) will be on Expressive and the less intensive ones (like festive_hols) will be on Bloggish (and work on the LJ clones ^_^)

[003] In December I got the website, - now this summer I'm going to get a) my recs set up over there (PJ's site is SO shiny), b) live previews of layout OFF of LJ (so I can get rid of my paid account next year) and c) a portfolio of graphics for future.

[004] 100 new peeps on the friends of list since December. Umm, ok. *pokes the lurkers* HAI GUYS!!1! Feel free to speak up once in a while - I never thought I was intimidating but I was recently told otherwise >_< Considering the amount of daily spazzing done, I don't get it.
- (Anonymous)
*jumps in*


Okay, I'm really not usually this exhuberant, but I've had a headache all day, and it's finally getting better, and maybe I can actually write some of my hds_beltane fic now. *nods*

I friended you...recently? Maybe it's been a few weeks ago because I was participating in (and following) the HDC, and I was marveled at all the reviewing you did. You're a great H/D resource, and a great layout resource, but you also seem to be an awesome person -- so I'm happy to be here. :D
Haha, last month had me going o_O because I guess a lot of peeps ended up reading the hd_wc commentary - never really gone all out with H/D squee like that so it was a bit of an eye opener

♥ Very random with my lj so in a way it's harder to make connections with others since most peeps aren't too keen on peeps who aren't solo fandom. Am so glad you like the layout posts :)

*hugs* I hope your headache is gone by now!
*hugs back*

the headache is better now. i took two tylenol and now i just feel drowsy, which is better than a splitting headache, that's for sure!

but now i'm struggling with a plot for a fic. *stabs it*
I gave up on fic writing a long time ago - have more fun coding CSS than writing fic XD ut perhaps you could get random prompts from people and see if they can help you come up with something?

Oh, I depend on Aleve for everything from periods to migraines and they work well :) Which reminds me...*runs off to take a pill* Damn time of the month >_< *pout*
Considering mine just started yesterday, it might be a while XD I just make sure I have a pill ever 8 hours haha
First, congrats. Although it's late by a year, better late than never.

Best of luck on your website. Once you got everything up and running, be warned that I will stalk there. :p

Intimidating? More like spazzy-flail. lol. But maybe that scares people? I don't know.
A year? Nah, I just got the tag yesterday so you're the first *glomps*

I'm going to be running ideas by khateh for opinions since she is a tech genius! SRSLY, when I toyed with getting my lj ported to wordpress, she got it all done with comments, tags, ljuser links etc (SO MUCH STUFF) It's still up for now:

Yeah, the spazziness might make people back away slowly XD

OOOH, NEW SHINY WEBSITE. *________* I think it's really cool. Bookmarking it and lurking there on a daily basis.

But-but I like your spazziness. It makes my day to find you spazz and squee on my f-list. *squish*

Haha, thanks. I think I'm addicted to layouts cause I keep changing them every couple months.

The blog will be going down but recs and layouts are going up :) MUST ORGANIZE RECS.

*SUPER SQUISH* That's 'cause we were totally separated at birth (ok, not really but man, my BFF is like a second sister and now whenever we chat its like you're my LJ!sis ♥ ♥ ♥)

I'd be doing the same if I wasn't throwing them at other people hahaha - I have a feeling you would have loved to participate in the_lj_reboot...
- (Anonymous)
IMO, you were just gearing up for the awesome #50 XD Though at this point I can't really think of what you *haven't* done already. Layouts for paid users maybe?
- (Anonymous)
The main reason I ever got into the paid layouts were for the sidebar hacks, linkbar images and getting horizontal menus at the top and bottom. Plus until expressive there just didn't seem to be many layouts that could be graphic intensive as such.

Now that I can sort of get linkbar images without a theme layer, paid layouts aren't as shiny XD hough aren't there a few layouts that are for paid accounts or are all of them free now?
Not so much intimidated, but I have a huge lack of time at the moment to actually comment. Most days it is just skimming the flist.
*pokes back* Hello! ^_^

It's are just a teensy-weensy bit intimidating, but that's because you're always zooming here and there all the time. Don't worry about it - it's a good thing! XD
Hahaha heya! That's not really intimidating y'know, just that I'm easily distracted by the shiny (goldfish syndrome) XD

Hi! You're not intimidating... just superdooper popular. So maybe a lil bit. But your rec list, it is a thing of beauty. (Also the layouts!) ;)
You might be surprised by how many comments are just from people I've been around a long time! So feel free to jump in any time :)

(My rec lists are crazy messy but am happy with the layouts ATM ^_^)

im trying not to be a lurker, i even mangage to comment on a couple of ur more reasent posts

Congrats on the site~!
(i think PJ's site is shiny too lol. u really just wanna give it a lick)