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Umm, hd_worldcup? Can we have the reveals now? Sure reading this was eye opening but after over a week of waiting I'm shallow enough to wish y'all would have focussed first on the results and then on the wank.
So so true. I'm not saying fandom is not what wank is about. Wait, that wank is not what fandom is about. Wait-- Wut?

REVEALS! I'll just concentrate on the reveals. That other stuff will not matter in a week (?does it matter now) and I'm just waiting to find a new author whose fic I adore. I really hope at least one of my favorite W_C fics is written by somebody that's new to me.
Wank is not fandom exclusive but I try not to focus on it and let it ruin my fandom experience personally.

I want to compare my faves list t the masterlist and I have a feeling I'm going to be busy by the time they get around to it.

It's def awesome to discover new authors :)
Oh, I so know how you feel. I've waited the whole day....and nothing! It is already after nine pm here!
Perhaps an indication of where the mods' interests lie? It's a shame that good old British reserve doesn't play more of a part in these things. The moment I see name-calling I think, 'fuck me - I'm back in the playground'.
I'm guessing they had their reasons but it just seems like the f_w drama got in the way of the fest schedule *sigh*

In general though, I've usually found that mods usually either a)instigate wank or b)exacerbate it with later actions. I'm just referring to personal experience/situations recently.

However, there are some comms that have been beyond stellar in terms of professionalism so I guess it just depends
I was really hoping for a timely 8am post like we saw with the fics. I want to see who wrote my favourites, too. I love stalking new authors. :D

I was awake till 5 am (not for the fest though) and then making up at 11am and *still* nothing? Argh, it's pure torture.
Oh, so with you. I've been refreshing the site since I finished my last exam. (Last! Exam!) For once in my life I'm totally organised, ready to repost right away, and the universe spits on me!
Yes! Even last year during hd_hols I wasn't able to really get this prepared and now I'm just going, well *points to icon*
I've been refreshing all day. It's now May 22nd in my time zone, and I must go to bed very soon. *sigh*

I want to know who wrote the fics I loved!
Yeah, normally the latest it's been is about 2 in the afternoon - now its almost 6pm and I've got to do some cleaning now :(
WHY? Why does drama/wank have to infest everything??

If people could be mature for once...
Nothing to do with the wank. All us mods have been wicked busy and we're trying to get the votes tabulated before the reveals. At least, I think that's Wook's logic. But either way, not wank related. Life related. Sorry.
I guess I wouldn't be as frustrated if there'd been a notice at some time during the day especially if vote counts haven't been completed yet.

I'm sure peeps wouldn't mind just getting the reveals for now and the winning team later.

All that wank (whether or not it caused the delay, and whether or not the mods are involved at all) makes me a bit sad - I had so much fun writing my story, and I SO MUCH enjoyed reading all those gorgeous fics (*glances at still overly-long bookmark list*), but this wank (not unexpected, though)... I don't give a damn which team wins, actually (*hides from team mates*), because, um, weren't, and aren't, we all here for fun? I try not to let it ruin for me, but there are people who shy away from hd_worldcup as a whole just because they loathe that kind of wank (which I understand), and that's just... yeah, sad.