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worldcup reveal tonight :)

So there's a ten point difference from the first and last team in the fest. In the end, the votes might only really matter to fest participants (and even then, maybe not all of them).

Personally, I found the voting far more subjective than the reccing, because while I at least knew which fics I loved personally enough to call favorites and therefore rec, assigning values to numbers is much harder. Not to mention, everyone's way of voting is different.

And while I tend to lean towards Epilogue, Canon IMO also had a strong showing. However there are shippers who don't read Epilogue fics and others who did not like certain Canon!fics for the lack of a happy shipper ending. There were also peeps who just adored the EWE and Fanon entries. Ultimately though I guess the tiny point gap shows it wasn't so much about anything other than the H/D lovin'.

The thing about the hd_worldcup that I adored was the generally fabulous fic. The competition aspect led to a lot more good reads than I typically expect from a fest. I'll always look back on the fest's posting period of shiny fanworks with fond memories ♥
The competition aspect led to a lot more good reads than I typically expect from a fest.
For me, it was more the team part of it. I thought about the voting as far as not letting my team down went, but to be honest, I'm not sure how much that affected the outcome, compared to, let's say, an exchange fest. It was the same feeling of being part of something bigger, of someone else being part of it.
I find the stressing for the wc was a lot bigger than for the other fests, but it was worth it :)

And OMG, ten points!!!

You have no idea how much I wish I could have been a fly on the wall during team locker room sessions and general chats and strategizing :) I hope peeps put up some hillarious accounts of the going ons behind the scenes 'cause that would be just awesome ^_^

Yeah, being part of the team brought a lot of team spirit which was so much fun *\o/*
I really loved this fest. ADORED it and I am SOOPA DOOPA grateful to the writers for not letting the other stuff get them down. Sure this and that and the other, but the important thing is that a lot of wonderful stories came out of it. What's that they say about omelettes?
What's that they say about omelettes?
Can't make an omelette without killing a few people!
No, wait, that was Neil Gaiman. >.>
Wait, I got mixed up and started thinking of Malfoys-- and now I'm picturing Vajayjays with Malfoy hairdoes.>< AH!
Uh, what do they say about omlettes?

Yeah, the participants in general have been brilliant and it looks like a number of them did have a great time too :)
"You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs."

I'm so glad most of them liked it. I saw someone saying about how they'd NEVER BE HUNGRY a participant AGAIN but I'm hoping it's just temporary anger thing.

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