awesome. I'm excited to read these b/c with life interfering and my main drug fic of choice at the moment being bandom, the only worldcup fic I read was the one I betad. I'm so gonna enjoy this three day weekend!!

Have a great weekend, hun! <3
Lol, it's hard to keep track of multiple fandoms with lists XD

Man, I wish I could spend the weekend reading :( Alas, my sis is going to drag me around >_>

Enjoy :)
Oh, wow, what an awesome resource! You're amazing!

The only potential issue I can see is that there's no easy way for readers to comment on the stories after reading them, as the "return to comment" link at the bottom of the page returns readers here. But I can imagine it would be a headache to change all of these links, and this will be incredibly useful to a lot of people, regardless.
Lol, I didn't exactly plan to do it - I just found I couldn't figure out which fic was which without the labels and ended up doing copy/paste into excel XD

The links are from the hd_worldcup masterlist post, and I realised that problem mid way through :( I figured since I'll be out of town from tom, I'll just wait till Mon/Tues and go to each lj and get the repost link from the various ljs directly (shouldn't be too hard since the ljs are all linked now ^_^)

Wow, this is awesome. Thanks. I'll even forgive you for spoiling my fic with the title you gave it. ;P
Wow, this is awesome! Sortable, OMG. It will make my adding names to fics on the lists so much easier. You are a genius!

And heee, with labels :)
I initially was going to link to three tables (sorted by participants//title//posting order) but then did a google search for sorting html tables. Its basically one regular table with a javascript file to work it - the only thing that took a while was putting the table together, lol XD Hope it helps!

(They were the whole reason I did it LOL - couldn't place the fics without them XD)
You are one lean mean organizational machine.

*dotes on you*

Thanks, G!
eeee! I feel like Joker and want to say: " Where does she get those wonderful toys?" :P

And I think I'm going to friend you. Is that okay?
Very cool spreadsheet. I clicked my link for No Fury and it went to the story above it.

Also, you might as well just link it to my website. Here

That's awesome! Now maybe I will be able to slowly catch up. I doubt it but, spreadsheet!